I briefly mentioned this before, but I’m working on my latest case at the moment. I’ve gotten my hands on a really smashed up Antec 1650. Its side pannels were both damaged in shipping so its a half restoration, half mod project.

I’ll update this post and my subsequent posts with photos, so check back later for more details.

So far we’re in the prep and repair/prepare stages. I started by taking a rubber mallet to the side pannels and knocked out as much of the dents as possible.

After that I took a power sander to the pannels to start removing the paint and that crappy “orange peel” texture.

After that it was time for a trip to Home Depot for some supplies and paint.

I’ve decided on a “desert camo” theme for the case and pick up auto paint specificlly for paint cars camo. I also picked up a primer under coat and a high gloss top coat.

Back at the ranch I applied a little metal paint stripper to the side, just as an experiment in paint removal. It didn’t work at all so I went back to sanding.

Next I started in with a coat of primer. Waiting for it to dry and then sanded it back.

Then a second coat of primer and more sanding. Tonight I’m going to apply the last coat of primer before I move on to cutting the case window and the final painting.