Effing Ghey

You know what, utility companies can suck my nuts. It’s rediculous trying to get any of them to do anything these days. I’ve already bitched about cable not coming out for 2 weeks, now the phone company jacked us around. They were supposed to come out yesterday and disconnect/reconnect our service. They went to the old apartment, went in, disconnected it, then came over to our new place and left because they couldn’t get it. They couldn’t get in because the call box/gate system didn’t ring our apartment. It didn’t ring our apartment BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE FUCKING PHONE SERVICE! Instead of going inside to ask the office to let them into the complex (they didn’t even need to go into our apartment) they just left. No call or note either, just left. So, when Lauren called today to ask what happened they said they couldn’t get in and we’d have to reschedule another install. Another install for SEPT 12TH! What bullshit. 2 weeks without cable, 2 1/2 weeks without phone. What’s bullshit about all of these companies is that they can’t give you a time that they’ll be there. When Lauren asked for a time they said they don’t give times, only “AM or PM”. 8-12 or 1-5. So, because you’re installers are fucking mongoloids and can’t ask someone to open the gate, I have to waste 4 hours of my life waiting for you. It’s damn lucky they could come out on a Monday, because if I had to take off work I’d be all sorts of pissed.

SBC, welcome to my shit list. You have penty of company.

And the packing continues

So, we’re down to the last few things. By few I mean many and by things I mean half the apartment. Actually, it’s not that bad. We have all the “little stuff” all over the place. My CD’s on my desk, the Xbox, the knives in the kitchen, the toiletries in the bathroom, you know, the important stuff. The bulk of the books, furnature, appliances, etc, are all ready pack and ready to roll. Tonight it’s a mad dash to cramp little things into boxes that inevitably will be marked as “computer junk”, “matt’s stuff” and “living room misc.” That’s ok.

This whole ordeal will commense at 10am tomorrow. We’ll pick up the keys and start loading stuff in. Time “we hate our customers” Warner has decided it’s a beautiful thing to leave me without cable for a week and a half. So, SEPT 6TH those asshats are coming back out to reconnect me. Until then I fully plan to STEAL wifi from the nearby apartments. Way to go modern technology.

Anyway, I’ll update from my sidekick and from work. But, until the 6th, I’m out!

I hate the radio

I can’t believe the radio here in Houston. Talk about a complete waste of airwaves. Mix 96… mix my ass. The only people that think you offer a good “mix” of music are the deaf. What a crock of shit. I just heard John Meyer followed by the Smashing Pumpkins followed by Jason Mraz and No Doubt. If I culd pick 4 worthless bands whose destruction I could only wish for… those would be a good start. Music is dead people. DEAD!

Chris was right

And I told him he would be. He mentioned in his journal last week the fact that it’s very likely that places like EB will have Xbox 360 “bundles” and only sell the console in said bundles. I agreed with him. Typically those bundles are the system, a controller or two and a game or two. Well. Looks like EBGames.com (not the physical store… yet) has gone out of their way to anal invade people’s wallets this time around. I can say with perfect certainty that now I’m not getting one of these at launch, check out how rediculous these packages are. Thanks Shacknews.

EBGames.com has just announced its package deals for the upcoming Xbox 360. Preorders for the system will only be accepted in the form of these bundles, which are priced at and $599.93 and $699.92. The less expensive bundle includes the Xbox 360 Core System package as well as a memory card and an extra wired controller. The more expensive bundle includes the Xbox 360 Premium System with an extra wireless controller, a battery pack for the controller, and a charge kit for the controller. Both bundles include four games: Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition, Kameo: Elements of Power, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Dead or Alive 4. However, the page also notes that EB “[reserves] the right to substitute or remove a game or accessory that will not be available at launch”, with the option to cancel the preorder if that occurs.

My calls to the EBGames.com offices and various EB brick-and-mortar stores revealed that as of now these “deals” are exclusive to EBGames.com. It has not yet been decided whether or not the physical stores will also require customers to buy this sort of bundle, but if they do they would likely end up being different based on the availability of consoles and games.

Give it a week. They will. Like I (think I) mentioned to Chris, the only way to avoid the bundle is to preorder online through a non-game store. Amazon for example. It’s really sad the price gouging going on. $699 to play video games that first day, when, two weeks later you can get it for $299. Fuck you EB corporate. Thanks for being one of the reasons our favorite industry is going downhill. You, and the rap culture you’ve exploited to sell more games. Fuck you all.

More moving, more work

We’re knee deep in boxes. I don’t believe we have a dining room any more. If I can’t see the floor I don’t consider it a room. More like a sea of carefully stacked cardboard in what use to be my place to eat. We’ve still got quite a bit a packing but I think we’ll make it. I’ve gotten help offers from all over. I’m going to borrow 3 or 4 large dollies from work to relieve some stress of carrying. Chris, Jake, Sherzan, and Lauren’s parents have all offered to help which is quite gracious. With the combined might of 4 pickup trucks it should hopefully be an easy move. The way I figure it, if we take the furnature first, when all of us are there, then if we have anything left Sunday or Monday, I can move it in my car. I can’t move a couch by myself, but I can move the computers or a box or two. The big stuff is where we need the help. So, all that is on going.

Tonight is League Night. CAL 8 on 8 BF2 matches are every Tuesday and tonight is no exception. I’m also on the roster, which I’m excited about. I usually make the roster, but tonight I get helo duty, so some extra pressure there. We’re also playing a map I dislike. It’s very lop-sided unfortunatly. Both sides have equal armor and helos but it’s the terrain that makes the difference. One team starts at the top ridge of a valley. The other at the bottom. The team on top has almost instant firing positions over the other and can rain death down into the valley, especially from the chopper. It should be an interesting match.

Lastly, a big thanks to Chris A for helping me out with my photo shoot yesterday. We got the job done and I think the photos turned out well. It was a corporate headshot shoot with a few groups in there too. With the exception of a light that refused to play nice I think it went off without any major hitches. Chris seemed to enjoy the lunch at our new Mexican place here in the Heights as well. Anyway, thanks again.

Ok, back to work. Matt out.