You know what, utility companies can suck my nuts. It’s rediculous trying to get any of them to do anything these days. I’ve already bitched about cable not coming out for 2 weeks, now the phone company jacked us around. They were supposed to come out yesterday and disconnect/reconnect our service. They went to the old apartment, went in, disconnected it, then came over to our new place and left because they couldn’t get it. They couldn’t get in because the call box/gate system didn’t ring our apartment. It didn’t ring our apartment BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE FUCKING PHONE SERVICE! Instead of going inside to ask the office to let them into the complex (they didn’t even need to go into our apartment) they just left. No call or note either, just left. So, when Lauren called today to ask what happened they said they couldn’t get in and we’d have to reschedule another install. Another install for SEPT 12TH! What bullshit. 2 weeks without cable, 2 1/2 weeks without phone. What’s bullshit about all of these companies is that they can’t give you a time that they’ll be there. When Lauren asked for a time they said they don’t give times, only “AM or PM”. 8-12 or 1-5. So, because you’re installers are fucking mongoloids and can’t ask someone to open the gate, I have to waste 4 hours of my life waiting for you. It’s damn lucky they could come out on a Monday, because if I had to take off work I’d be all sorts of pissed.

SBC, welcome to my shit list. You have penty of company.