So, we’re down to the last few things. By few I mean many and by things I mean half the apartment. Actually, it’s not that bad. We have all the “little stuff” all over the place. My CD’s on my desk, the Xbox, the knives in the kitchen, the toiletries in the bathroom, you know, the important stuff. The bulk of the books, furnature, appliances, etc, are all ready pack and ready to roll. Tonight it’s a mad dash to cramp little things into boxes that inevitably will be marked as “computer junk”, “matt’s stuff” and “living room misc.” That’s ok.

This whole ordeal will commense at 10am tomorrow. We’ll pick up the keys and start loading stuff in. Time “we hate our customers” Warner has decided it’s a beautiful thing to leave me without cable for a week and a half. So, SEPT 6TH those asshats are coming back out to reconnect me. Until then I fully plan to STEAL wifi from the nearby apartments. Way to go modern technology.

Anyway, I’ll update from my sidekick and from work. But, until the 6th, I’m out!