We’re knee deep in boxes. I don’t believe we have a dining room any more. If I can’t see the floor I don’t consider it a room. More like a sea of carefully stacked cardboard in what use to be my place to eat. We’ve still got quite a bit a packing but I think we’ll make it. I’ve gotten help offers from all over. I’m going to borrow 3 or 4 large dollies from work to relieve some stress of carrying. Chris, Jake, Sherzan, and Lauren’s parents have all offered to help which is quite gracious. With the combined might of 4 pickup trucks it should hopefully be an easy move. The way I figure it, if we take the furnature first, when all of us are there, then if we have anything left Sunday or Monday, I can move it in my car. I can’t move a couch by myself, but I can move the computers or a box or two. The big stuff is where we need the help. So, all that is on going.

Tonight is League Night. CAL 8 on 8 BF2 matches are every Tuesday and tonight is no exception. I’m also on the roster, which I’m excited about. I usually make the roster, but tonight I get helo duty, so some extra pressure there. We’re also playing a map I dislike. It’s very lop-sided unfortunatly. Both sides have equal armor and helos but it’s the terrain that makes the difference. One team starts at the top ridge of a valley. The other at the bottom. The team on top has almost instant firing positions over the other and can rain death down into the valley, especially from the chopper. It should be an interesting match.

Lastly, a big thanks to Chris A for helping me out with my photo shoot yesterday. We got the job done and I think the photos turned out well. It was a corporate headshot shoot with a few groups in there too. With the exception of a light that refused to play nice I think it went off without any major hitches. Chris seemed to enjoy the lunch at our new Mexican place here in the Heights as well. Anyway, thanks again.

Ok, back to work. Matt out.