T-minus 4

Well, today as I walked into work they told me to turn around and go home. I of course took that opportunity to check my email and write this. In a minute I’ll be taking off. They’re sending me home because I’ve got the sniffles and they’ll be damned if they’re responsible for me being sick for my wedding. I agree with them of course, anything to get to go home. Just wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am that they’re coming and since this will probably be the last time I’m online for the rest of the week I guess I’ll talk to everyone as they fly in. I’m really excited about Saturday and I’m super excited for our cruise. It should be great fun. Ok, I’m going to head home now so that I can take a nap before I pick up Chris from the airport. You all have my cell phone number, call me if there’s any last minute problems. Otherwise, I’ll see you at the airport. 🙂

Told you so…

I’m you’re typical privacy/freedoms freak. This made my head spin. You can all stop calling me paranoid now. I’ve been proven right. It’s all going to hell and we’re all in deep, deep crap. And it gets even better. Now they’re trying to pass them off as a “life saving device” that can help combat terrorism. I would start mentioning conspiracy theories, but I don’t think I really need to. Sleep tight.

T-minus 8

Last nights fortune cookie:

“You will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter.”

I kid you not. Creepy huh?

Mod it up

I don’t really know what compelled me to do it in the first place, or the reason I forgot to mention it for that matter, but the other night Lauren’s father and I took a Drummel to my case so I could finally start on that case window I had purchased while I was still in NH. We used a fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel, Drummel brand, that we found at Home Depot in a package of 5 for just a few dollars. We actually only went through two of them. We went through the first once instantly because we weren’t sure about the pressure needed to make the cuts. It wasn’t a lot. After making the initial cuts we went back and rounded off the edges so we wouldn’t lose fingers trying to get the rubber seal in place. We ended up cutting a little more than we needed to and so there was a small gap in the rubber seal. After a few minutes spent trying to get the window into the seal it finally rested in place, of course only to fall out because we had cut to much out and now it was fairly loose. This was solved by a trip to Target to get a tube of clear silicone sealent which I applied last night. I checked it this morning and its sealed up nicely. Tonight I’m going to go back and clean up the edges of the seal so that you won’t be able to see the stray silicone. It’s looking pretty sweet. That pretty much completes the case and now I’m looking forward to doing another. I’m still heavily considering building myself a new gaming only box and making it into that WWII style bomber case I had talked to Chip about before. Of course that’ll have to wait until after New Years when I start getting serious bank from stuff that I’m shooting. I’ll try and remember to get some pictures tonight if Paul will let me borrow the Uber camera.

Matt out