T minus 10

Well, its crunch time around here and my stress level is somewhere around “stratospheric”. Paul and Carrie have left for the day so I’m stuck here until I get fed up and leave, with will probably be around 4:30. I’ve got so much going on here, so much stuff to worry about, so much wedding stress, so little money, I’m going slowly but surely nuts. I’ve got a car insurance bill that isn’t correct for the second time in two months, I’ve got $8 to my name, nothing for lunch and I need both gas and a haircut before my next pay check. Fun fun! At least I have my friends and family to help and comfort. Speaking of which, I think I have nearly everyone’s flight info. Chris is coming in on Tuesday to hang out for a few days, My folks are coming in Thursday afternoon, Nagle is coming in Thursday morning, Jason is coming in Friday morning, the Canadians are coming Thursday night and everyone else I’ve completely forgotten because I’m operating on only a few hours sleep and very little cognitive reasoning. Actually, if I was able to put together the phrase “cognitive reasoning” I’m probably not doing that bad. I dunno, it’s just one of “those days” and I’m not feeling real happy or excited or positive about much of anything, with the exception of the actual wedding event itself which, to be quite honest, I’ve been ready for for nearly 3 years. I’m trying to make everyone happy and keep everything from falling apart and take care of all these little last minute things and I just haven’t had time to actually sit back and enjoy any of this. I suppose that’s what the honeymoon is for right? Recovering from the months of planning for the wedding? Have I mentioned I’m tired?

I’m also complaining a lot today, which is something I’m fairly good at, but no one should really have to listen to me bitch about my sad little life. Hey… there’s a hockey game on Friday. That’ll be pretty cool. And Chris will be here on Tuesday, that’s also cool. And my brother found a copy of Max Payne 2 which he’s bringing me, also cool. See, there are positive sides. I also realize that I’m completely talking to myself at this point.

Let’s see, conversation for others… oh yeah, Kill Bill sucks. A lot. If you liked it, please, tell me why and support it with semi-logical resoning, otherwise I will have to punch you and call you a Tarantino fan boy. I left, I actually got up and left the theater because I was so disappointed in the movie. I actually wrote a huge giant review of it on my home computer. The computer that of course has no internet access. Whether you’ll actually get to read that review is secondary to the fact that you shouldn’t see that movie. Ever. Well, unless of course you would like to see crap on screen, then by all means waste your money. I actually wrote a fairly lengthy review and explained why I left the theater and why I thought the movie was absolutely moronic and pointless, but we’ll have to save it for another time. Sorry. You would have liked the review though. I called Tarantino an ass-hat, probably more than once. Actually, the only review on IMDB sums it up pretty well:

“Kill Bill” is an arty revenge flick. Style over substance is putting it mildly. “Kill Bill” is no substance and all style. … This movie was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. This movie was made for an audience of one: Quentin Tarantino. He is the absolute master in constantly reminding the audience that they are watching a movie. A Tarantino movie.

Yeah. It blew.

Anyway, at the moment I’m sitting at work watching the landscaping crew dig up the back yard for our newest project which I’m now calling “the grotto”. Basically we’re redoing the entire backyard of the studio to make it into an outdoor portrait area. It’ll be pretty cool when it’s done.

That’s about everything I can think of. I’m going to try and do work now, then I’ll probably go home and try to take a nap.

Matt out.


I’m really not sure what to do about my groomsmen’s gifts. I’m at a complete stand-still. I was going to get people individual items and make it a little more personal. Then I was going to get them all the same thing but have them engraved (but I realized I didn’t know everyones middle names). Actually, the only one I don’t know is Jason’s. Lets see, CLSM, CMK, JAN and SDP. Right? I don’t know anymore. Actually, what I’ve recently thought might be fun is a different t-shirt for each of you. But then, if I pick a t-shirt you don’t like, that’s pretty much a waste, or if I get the wrong size, etc. Why can’t you all just be easy to shop for damnit?!?

Damn Yankees

They so had that locked up in the 8th. Hell, they should have taken Pedro out in the 7th when he let two on base. He was getting tired. I won’t blame Grady Little, but damn, they should have brought in someone new for the 8th. Yankees suck. Congradulations baseball, now you have a World Series no one gives a shit about. Good going. Oh, and fuck you Babe Ruth.

Bullet Points Day

Today, I’m busy, so there will be bullet points. People seem to like these posts best. Perhaps I’m consistantly long winded. I didn’t think so, but whatever.


iTunes released for windows today. Both the program and the downloadable music site.

Winamp 5 beta also released. After playing with it for a while it seems like AOL is ramping up to make it no longer free. That sucks.

Max Payne 2 in stores.

Verisign is selling NetSol. Don’t know whether to like it or hate it.

You all know that the Red Sox are playing Game 7 against the Yankees tonight right? So why the hell are you reading this… get to you TVs damnit. Unless of course you’re reading this tomorrow… in which case the game is over, so nevermind.

Federal government wants to mandate hardware-level DRM. Not good.

Oh, and if you see red flashes durring Kill Bill. Blame the MPAA.


Has everyone gotten their wedding invitations yet? Just checking.