Well, today as I walked into work they told me to turn around and go home. I of course took that opportunity to check my email and write this. In a minute I’ll be taking off. They’re sending me home because I’ve got the sniffles and they’ll be damned if they’re responsible for me being sick for my wedding. I agree with them of course, anything to get to go home. Just wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am that they’re coming and since this will probably be the last time I’m online for the rest of the week I guess I’ll talk to everyone as they fly in. I’m really excited about Saturday and I’m super excited for our cruise. It should be great fun. Ok, I’m going to head home now so that I can take a nap before I pick up Chris from the airport. You all have my cell phone number, call me if there’s any last minute problems. Otherwise, I’ll see you at the airport. 🙂