And then there was hockey…

I mentioned last week the I had finagled my way into really cheap digital cable for the rest of my time here in Savannah and today was the day it was supposed to get turned on. Oh, and did it ever. Just in time for game 7, Wild vs. Canucks. I love hockey. I’ll say that again for emphasis. I love hockey. It’s the perfect sport. Baseball is a close second but I’d have to say that hockey is my sports weakness. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball very much. There’s so much history and finesse with baseball but hockey is just so damn perfect its hard to beat.

Most guys who are “sports guys” are football fans (whether it’s american football or european football, aka soccer). I couldn’t dislike anything more. Most people who disagree with my hockey favoritism would argue that football and hockey are very similar, especially hockey and soccer. I say, if you can get a 400lb defensive linesman onto hockey skates, then I’d watch that too. You’ve got to have some serious skill to be able to skate that fast and hard, hit people and to bang out a 90mph wrist-shot.

Sports favoritism aside, the playoffs will be determined tonight. I’m excited. I can’t wait for the finals. Any combination of teams would please me as a fan. My two favorites, Boston and Toronto were knocked out in previous rounds so I’m not cheering for any team in particular. I really don’t care who wins.

Ah, the magic of ESPN. How I’ve missed thee. Having the Cartoon Network isn’t half bad either.


Matt out.

Quick update

Webpage update:

Reduced number of entries on page and banned 6 (!) IP addresses that were spamming my comments. Damn I hate that crap.

Website and Weekend

The website is nearing completion, at least in terms of design. I still need to turn it into a web page obviously but the design is always the hardest part.

I’ve also got an interesting bit of work to do this weekend. Or, more exactly, a full schedule. Friday morning I’d like to take some pictures, probably of myself. Friday night Lauren and I are going to a dance. Saturday is our wedding shower. Sunday we’re going to a church service all about marriage and then out to the beach. Sunday evening, mistakenly, I agreed to take some jewelry photography for Sean and one of his friends. I’m not sure that I’ll be back from the beach on time. I’d like to use Sunday to relax with Lauren a little but I’m concerned that Bergen Hall closes early on Sunday so pushing back my photo shoot might not be an option. I’m waiting for Sean or his friend to email or call to make sure we’re on for Sunday. I hope we can work out a better time because I’d really like to do both.

That’s about it. I’m watching Seinfeld and considering eating the Butter Pecan Ben & Jerry’s I have in the fridge. I’ve got a headache too, in case you cared.

PS: For you’re random link to enraging story of the moment… enjoy. This has “bad fucking idea” written all over it. Unless of course I’m allowed to purchase a huge RFID interference device and carry it with me wherever I go. Remember those scenes in Minority Report when he goes to the mall and the ads talk to him… yeah, that’s bullshit. In a different article I read that one of the potential uses for this would be “smart” ads which would show you advertisements (on your shopping cart) of potential items you might also like given what you already have in your cart. “Since you have chips, want to try our salsa?” sort of thing. Fuck that. The day I see a plasma screen on a shopping cart is the day I bring a baseball bat to the grocery store with me. I refuse to be advertised to while I’m walking around a store. That’s ridiculous. Hell, I think billboards and tv commercials are ridiculous, but that’s a completely different rant. What do you guys think? I can’t be alone in thinking that RFIDs are a really bad idea can I?

Other links: RFIDs, the big picture.


Two links that I need to share, especially with Chris.

Sensation – “The worlds biggest dance event”. I’m not sure if that’s nessisarily true, but they’ve got one heck of a line up. I found this after finding a copy of the 2002 Sensation CDs and wondering what exactly “sensation” was. I have to say that they are absolutely fantastic. I’m trying to find a place to order copies of them but haven’t had any luck. Which leads me to my next link…

Discogs – “building the definitive database of electronic music…”. Now, if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. Discographies of just about every label, artists, group, etc, and they’re all cross-referenced. Check out the search results for “Sensation: White Edition“. Great CD. Look at those tracks!

Ok, had to get that techno out of my system. I’ll be off having dinner in a little bit. Tasty ribs, here I come.


I started working on a little redesign last night. It actually looks pretty good. It’s really simple, just as simple as the design now, if not more so. I wanted to get away from the navigation at the top but it looks like that’ll hang around for at least another version. I think I might just change the number of posts that are displayed here from 10 to 3 or 4. I’m trying to minimize the amount of “scroll” the page has.

I actually had multiple designs for the page, ranging from “journal style” with a paper textured background and a setup similar to this, to a really techie feeling page with an over abundance of eye-candy. I settled on something more “matt” feeling. Clean and more or less simple with some interesting bits here and there.

I would normal at this point in the post direct you to a number of anti-RIAA related articles but I fear that it’s been over done. I merely suggest that you read the Reg on a regular basis. That should keep you relatively informed about what’s going on.

On a lighter note, I’m skipping class today. I had a really bad headache when I woke up and that’s never the way to start a day… so I stayed in bed. It was the only sensible thing to do. 🙂

So, not going to class today leaves me time to work on the redesign some more, figure out what I want to take pictures of tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week as well as take Lauren out to dinner tonight.

Over the past few weeks, while I’ve had no money, Lauren was kind enough to float the bill for most of our weekend activities. I normal don’t like to let her do that, something in my brain about being “the man” and that I’m supposed to pay for things, or some crap like that. Regardless, now I get to pay back her kindness with a trip to one of her most favorite restaurants, Tony Roma’s. We both really love Tony’s, they have some of the best ribs on the planet. So, that’s where I’ll be tonight.

Oh, and just for the sake of complete randomness, I made a font. Yes, a font. Of my own handwriting even. Go figure. I’m not going to post it now but I will add it to the new version of the “downloads” page once I finish it. If you really want it so bad that you can’t wait for it let me know and I’ll drop you an email.

Prepare yourself for a new design.

That is all… for now.