The website is nearing completion, at least in terms of design. I still need to turn it into a web page obviously but the design is always the hardest part.

I’ve also got an interesting bit of work to do this weekend. Or, more exactly, a full schedule. Friday morning I’d like to take some pictures, probably of myself. Friday night Lauren and I are going to a dance. Saturday is our wedding shower. Sunday we’re going to a church service all about marriage and then out to the beach. Sunday evening, mistakenly, I agreed to take some jewelry photography for Sean and one of his friends. I’m not sure that I’ll be back from the beach on time. I’d like to use Sunday to relax with Lauren a little but I’m concerned that Bergen Hall closes early on Sunday so pushing back my photo shoot might not be an option. I’m waiting for Sean or his friend to email or call to make sure we’re on for Sunday. I hope we can work out a better time because I’d really like to do both.

That’s about it. I’m watching Seinfeld and considering eating the Butter Pecan Ben & Jerry’s I have in the fridge. I’ve got a headache too, in case you cared.

PS: For you’re random link to enraging story of the moment… enjoy. This has “bad fucking idea” written all over it. Unless of course I’m allowed to purchase a huge RFID interference device and carry it with me wherever I go. Remember those scenes in Minority Report when he goes to the mall and the ads talk to him… yeah, that’s bullshit. In a different article I read that one of the potential uses for this would be “smart” ads which would show you advertisements (on your shopping cart) of potential items you might also like given what you already have in your cart. “Since you have chips, want to try our salsa?” sort of thing. Fuck that. The day I see a plasma screen on a shopping cart is the day I bring a baseball bat to the grocery store with me. I refuse to be advertised to while I’m walking around a store. That’s ridiculous. Hell, I think billboards and tv commercials are ridiculous, but that’s a completely different rant. What do you guys think? I can’t be alone in thinking that RFIDs are a really bad idea can I?

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