Two links that I need to share, especially with Chris.

Sensation – “The worlds biggest dance event”. I’m not sure if that’s nessisarily true, but they’ve got one heck of a line up. I found this after finding a copy of the 2002 Sensation CDs and wondering what exactly “sensation” was. I have to say that they are absolutely fantastic. I’m trying to find a place to order copies of them but haven’t had any luck. Which leads me to my next link…

Discogs – “building the definitive database of electronic music…”. Now, if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. Discographies of just about every label, artists, group, etc, and they’re all cross-referenced. Check out the search results for “Sensation: White Edition“. Great CD. Look at those tracks!

Ok, had to get that techno out of my system. I’ll be off having dinner in a little bit. Tasty ribs, here I come.