I mentioned last week the I had finagled my way into really cheap digital cable for the rest of my time here in Savannah and today was the day it was supposed to get turned on. Oh, and did it ever. Just in time for game 7, Wild vs. Canucks. I love hockey. I’ll say that again for emphasis. I love hockey. It’s the perfect sport. Baseball is a close second but I’d have to say that hockey is my sports weakness. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball very much. There’s so much history and finesse with baseball but hockey is just so damn perfect its hard to beat.

Most guys who are “sports guys” are football fans (whether it’s american football or european football, aka soccer). I couldn’t dislike anything more. Most people who disagree with my hockey favoritism would argue that football and hockey are very similar, especially hockey and soccer. I say, if you can get a 400lb defensive linesman onto hockey skates, then I’d watch that too. You’ve got to have some serious skill to be able to skate that fast and hard, hit people and to bang out a 90mph wrist-shot.

Sports favoritism aside, the playoffs will be determined tonight. I’m excited. I can’t wait for the finals. Any combination of teams would please me as a fan. My two favorites, Boston and Toronto were knocked out in previous rounds so I’m not cheering for any team in particular. I really don’t care who wins.

Ah, the magic of ESPN. How I’ve missed thee. Having the Cartoon Network isn’t half bad either.


Matt out.