*Begin rant*

The following people should have their drivers license taken away permanently, or at the very least until they take an extensive 3 month driving “friendliness” courses:

-people who try and force their way into a turning lane after speeding past you in the strait lane

-people who don’t use their blinkers

-people who consistently drive 20mph over or 5mph under the posted limit

-15-17 year old white girls

-anyone who drives over things to pass someone (curbs, sidewalks, etc)

-people who think the breakdown lane is usable in heavy traffic


-people who flash their lights at you to go faster when you’re in the RIGHT hand lane (there IS a left hand lane people!)

-anyone with those fucking blue headlights

-anyone who drives a “pimped” Honda Civic

-old men who drive any of the following with complete disregard for other people on the road because they think they’re “special”: a BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Saab or Audi

-women who drive ANY large SUV (sorry if that sounds sexist, but you really shouldn’t drive them if you physically have trouble handling them)

-women who drive a large SUV and talk on their cell phone at the same time

-people who double or triple park. You are dirty bastards with no regard for your fellow man.

-teenagers who weave in and out of heavy traffic because they need to get to the mall quicker. You’re the people that give young males a bad driving reputation.

-anyone who changes lanes without looking

The following are notes that bad drives may wish to read and hopefully realize the folly of their ways:

-Your bumper is not a place for political statements. No one cares how many whales you’ve saved, who you think is going to hell or who you voted for 6 years ago.

-If you drive an SUV, park FAR AWAY from the entrances to malls and grocery stores. Your car is too big and when it takes up 2 spots and normal people can’t park, it pisses us off.

-Having neon underneither your car does not make you cool.

-If you have to use your cell phone in the car, make it quick or get a hands free headset. Your wife calling you to ask you to pick up milk is fine but talking to a friend for 3 hours is not.

-If you’re planning on repainting your car, don’t prime it until you’re ready to paint it. Having a car that’s half gray just looks retarded.

-Unless you have a large conversion van or something similar, do not, under any circumstances, install a TV or flat panel in your car. Honda Civics were not designed to watch TV in. Take it out of your dashboard before someone gets killed.

-Soup is probably not the best choice for a snack to eat in the car.

-For the love of god, take those stupid little lights out of your hood. They’re even more ridiculous than a ground effects kit.

-If you’re trunk rattles against the car frame and causes noise on it’s own, you probably have the bass turned up too high. PS: we don’t want to hear your music either.

-If you’re over 70 you should be re-examined for driving ability. I realize that you’ve been driving for quite some time now, but when you only go 35mph on the highway, it’s more dangerous than if you were speeding.

-Unless you: are a professional basketball player, a really large/tall person, have a family of 10+ or need to move large amounts of things around on a daily basis, you don’t need an SUV. No, taking the entire soccer team to practice does not count.

-If you plan on driving an SUV you should be forced take a driving course in larger vehicles and get a separate class of drivers license. We do it for motor-homes, why not SUVs?

If everyone who follow these simple rules it would make everyones driving experience so much easier, namely mine. Most people drive normally unless they’re in a rush or are exceptionally stupid. The exceptionally stupid shouldn’t be driving and if you’re in a hurry, getting killed won’t get you there any faster. For the rest of you who just drive like retards, I hope you realize that you ARE despised by a large percentage of the population.

*End rant*

Gee, can’t tell that I had a wonderful day driving can you? So many stupid people live in this city. It’s remarkable to just drive around and witness some of the things that even NYC taxi cabs wouldn’t do. I thought New England had the worst drivers on the planet… until I came to the south. The difference is that up north, people drive like morons on purpose because they’re late or simply want to piss you off. People in the south drive like morons because they are morons. I’m sorry, you’re fundamentally flawed if you think it’ ok to change lanes without a blinker and without looking.

Anyway, besides my drive home, today was pretty normal. We watched a BBC production of As You Like It in Shakespeare and had another critique in Personal Vision. Standard stuff.

I also found out today that Justin, one of our friends from freshman year, would like to come down for spring break. Chip is already planning on coming down which would bring the grand total to 5 guys hanging out at our place all week. Justin would most likely stay at Nagle’s dorm downtown, not that we wouldn’t mind him staying here but we don’t have a second spare bed/couch. Of course everyone will probably end up crashing here anyways since it’s a pain in the butt to shuttle everyone from downtown and back. Regardless, it should be a fun week.

As for me, I’ve got to concentrate on finals at this point and bang out a few more shoots between now and next week. My ideas are few and far between but should provide me with at least some starting places. Usually I start off shooting what I had for an idea and 10 minutes later branch off onto ideas that are coming to me at that moment.

I’ve also been delaying in finishing Splinter Cell and C&C:Generals because I’d like to enjoy them to their fullest. Sneaking in a quick level or two before classes or when I should be doing homework doesn’t really count as “enjoyment”.

That’s about it. Matt out.

One of those days

So, after printing all day yesterday I was relying on some digital prints to come back from PhotoMasters in time for critique today. I had printed all day yesterday and had about 10 solid images. The digital prints would bring my grand total to 22, a more than adequate number for a critique. Since I had printed last night I wasn’t able to pick up those prints until today. This was going to be tricky considering that I only have a half-hour between classes and I needed to drive across town and back. Luckily I got out of Shakespeare a little early and bad a mad dash southside to pick up my prints. When I got there I was a little upset that they didn’t have my prints ready. “Not ready” probably didn’t sum up my predicament, “hadn’t even started” would probably be closer. The realized I needed them quick and assured me that they would do them right then and there. They started up the machine and churned out 12 prints in about 10 minutes. I thanked them for their quick recovery, paid for my prints and hurried out to my car. Realizing it was now 12:00 I had to hurry to get downtown in under 5 minutes. Thankfully I wound up with a parking spot at a meter right infront of the building and was only a few minutes late.

The critique associated with those prints went well and the class seemed to generally like the work. I was given advice on a final direction to head in for my final round of work. That’ll be this weeks project.

After class I headed to the mall to pick up Lauren’s ring from the jewelers. It was being resized and was done. Then I came home and tried to play Splinter Cell through the noise from next door. Apparently they don’t care that I’m trying to sneak into the Chinese embassy and require silence to do so. They decided it would be a perfect time to build something large and requiring hammering. Bastards.

I was also witness to multiple acts of stupidity today which leads me to mentally update my list of things that wouldn’t be allowed if I ran the universe. Mimes would top that list, followed closely by SUVs, women driving SUVs that are obviously too big for them to handle and of course, my all time favorite of women driving SUVs that are obviously too big for them to handle WHILE talking on their cell phone.

I kid you not when I tell you that a 4ft tall woman, who had to use the handrail and steps to get into her EXCURSION, asked one of the mall security guards to help her get out of her parking space by giving her hand signals. If you need help, from strangers, in order to get out of your parking space, guess what? Your car is too fucking big!

And this is just one of the daily multitudes of stupid acts that I witness. I won’t even get into some of the others because they make my brain hurt just thinking about them.

Hey… want to see something I’m not surprised at in the least??? Click HERE. Oh, and if you’d like a copy of the story that it’s talking about… click here (pdf).

That is all.

Aggravation and Photography

Aggravation and photography don’t mix. That’s why today didn’t really work out the way I was expecting. At least this weekend was constructive. Friday I took 5 rolls of film of Jason and Nagle, yesterday I got supplies for photos today and today I took a dozen digital pictures that I’m going to print tomorrow. Well, to be fair PhotoMasters will be the ones doing the printing. While those are being printed I’ll be downtown printing as well. I’m going to print the Jason and Nagle pictures as well as some I took last week. I have critique tomorrow at 3 and Tuesday at 12. I’m planning to print as many as possible tomorrow morning so that I have something to show tomorrow afternoon. I completely forgot about that critique. I knew full well about my critique on Tuesday but was completely blanking about the other one. I’m also rambling incessantly. It’s late. Sorry.

I’ve also almost finished Splinter Cell. I’ve only been playing for 2 days so I’m a little disappointed by that but it’s been incredibly fun. Hopefully UbiSoft (the developer) will continue to put out expansions as they’ve planned. I should probably get some sleep so that I can print tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget. Congrats to Chip on his new apartment and congrats to Chris on the new laptop.

G’night everyone.


Wow, what a crazy few days. Just the phone calls alone saying “congratulations” are staggering. Lauren’s ring is back at the jewelers for sizing. We opted to take it home until yesterday to show everyone but had to bring it back to be sized down. We’ll get it back on Monday but Lauren is already missing it. As for myself I’ve just been going to classes and trying not to come down off my fantastic, life-altering, adrenaline high. The next few steps in all this are setting a date and finding a church. We’re thinking we’re going to have it sometime in November, in Texas, probably at Lauren’s church back home or one nearby. Lauren’s mom has already sent her a wedding planning book, a “brides book” as I think they’re called, and that will show us all the necessary preparations for having a wedding.

Besides all this engagement excitement, there were a few classes this week, all of which went well. I need to shoot at least 3, possibly 4 shoots this weekend, one of which I already did this morning. Nagle and Jason helped me out and got covered with paint before (and during) having their pictures taken. I have a few basic plans about what I want to do for the others as well.

As for tonight, Lauren got us tickets to a play downtown so that’s where we’ll be heading at 8:00. Afterwards she needs to work on homework for a while so I’ll probably play more Splinter Cell, which came out on Thursday. I’m already half way through it and it’s by far the prettiest game I’ve seen in… well, forever. If the rumors of it being short are true then I’ll be a little disappointed but it’s good enough to actually warrant being played through again on a higher difficulty. It really is a lot of fun if you’re into that Metal Gear/sneaking type of game.

Alrighty, I’ve gotta run. Later.