So, after printing all day yesterday I was relying on some digital prints to come back from PhotoMasters in time for critique today. I had printed all day yesterday and had about 10 solid images. The digital prints would bring my grand total to 22, a more than adequate number for a critique. Since I had printed last night I wasn’t able to pick up those prints until today. This was going to be tricky considering that I only have a half-hour between classes and I needed to drive across town and back. Luckily I got out of Shakespeare a little early and bad a mad dash southside to pick up my prints. When I got there I was a little upset that they didn’t have my prints ready. “Not ready” probably didn’t sum up my predicament, “hadn’t even started” would probably be closer. The realized I needed them quick and assured me that they would do them right then and there. They started up the machine and churned out 12 prints in about 10 minutes. I thanked them for their quick recovery, paid for my prints and hurried out to my car. Realizing it was now 12:00 I had to hurry to get downtown in under 5 minutes. Thankfully I wound up with a parking spot at a meter right infront of the building and was only a few minutes late.

The critique associated with those prints went well and the class seemed to generally like the work. I was given advice on a final direction to head in for my final round of work. That’ll be this weeks project.

After class I headed to the mall to pick up Lauren’s ring from the jewelers. It was being resized and was done. Then I came home and tried to play Splinter Cell through the noise from next door. Apparently they don’t care that I’m trying to sneak into the Chinese embassy and require silence to do so. They decided it would be a perfect time to build something large and requiring hammering. Bastards.

I was also witness to multiple acts of stupidity today which leads me to mentally update my list of things that wouldn’t be allowed if I ran the universe. Mimes would top that list, followed closely by SUVs, women driving SUVs that are obviously too big for them to handle and of course, my all time favorite of women driving SUVs that are obviously too big for them to handle WHILE talking on their cell phone.

I kid you not when I tell you that a 4ft tall woman, who had to use the handrail and steps to get into her EXCURSION, asked one of the mall security guards to help her get out of her parking space by giving her hand signals. If you need help, from strangers, in order to get out of your parking space, guess what? Your car is too fucking big!

And this is just one of the daily multitudes of stupid acts that I witness. I won’t even get into some of the others because they make my brain hurt just thinking about them.

Hey… want to see something I’m not surprised at in the least??? Click HERE. Oh, and if you’d like a copy of the story that it’s talking about… click here (pdf).

That is all.