Aggravation and photography don’t mix. That’s why today didn’t really work out the way I was expecting. At least this weekend was constructive. Friday I took 5 rolls of film of Jason and Nagle, yesterday I got supplies for photos today and today I took a dozen digital pictures that I’m going to print tomorrow. Well, to be fair PhotoMasters will be the ones doing the printing. While those are being printed I’ll be downtown printing as well. I’m going to print the Jason and Nagle pictures as well as some I took last week. I have critique tomorrow at 3 and Tuesday at 12. I’m planning to print as many as possible tomorrow morning so that I have something to show tomorrow afternoon. I completely forgot about that critique. I knew full well about my critique on Tuesday but was completely blanking about the other one. I’m also rambling incessantly. It’s late. Sorry.

I’ve also almost finished Splinter Cell. I’ve only been playing for 2 days so I’m a little disappointed by that but it’s been incredibly fun. Hopefully UbiSoft (the developer) will continue to put out expansions as they’ve planned. I should probably get some sleep so that I can print tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget. Congrats to Chip on his new apartment and congrats to Chris on the new laptop.

G’night everyone.