Wow, what a crazy few days. Just the phone calls alone saying “congratulations” are staggering. Lauren’s ring is back at the jewelers for sizing. We opted to take it home until yesterday to show everyone but had to bring it back to be sized down. We’ll get it back on Monday but Lauren is already missing it. As for myself I’ve just been going to classes and trying not to come down off my fantastic, life-altering, adrenaline high. The next few steps in all this are setting a date and finding a church. We’re thinking we’re going to have it sometime in November, in Texas, probably at Lauren’s church back home or one nearby. Lauren’s mom has already sent her a wedding planning book, a “brides book” as I think they’re called, and that will show us all the necessary preparations for having a wedding.

Besides all this engagement excitement, there were a few classes this week, all of which went well. I need to shoot at least 3, possibly 4 shoots this weekend, one of which I already did this morning. Nagle and Jason helped me out and got covered with paint before (and during) having their pictures taken. I have a few basic plans about what I want to do for the others as well.

As for tonight, Lauren got us tickets to a play downtown so that’s where we’ll be heading at 8:00. Afterwards she needs to work on homework for a while so I’ll probably play more Splinter Cell, which came out on Thursday. I’m already half way through it and it’s by far the prettiest game I’ve seen in… well, forever. If the rumors of it being short are true then I’ll be a little disappointed but it’s good enough to actually warrant being played through again on a higher difficulty. It really is a lot of fun if you’re into that Metal Gear/sneaking type of game.

Alrighty, I’ve gotta run. Later.