*Begin rant*

The following people should have their drivers license taken away permanently, or at the very least until they take an extensive 3 month driving “friendliness” courses:

-people who try and force their way into a turning lane after speeding past you in the strait lane

-people who don’t use their blinkers

-people who consistently drive 20mph over or 5mph under the posted limit

-15-17 year old white girls

-anyone who drives over things to pass someone (curbs, sidewalks, etc)

-people who think the breakdown lane is usable in heavy traffic


-people who flash their lights at you to go faster when you’re in the RIGHT hand lane (there IS a left hand lane people!)

-anyone with those fucking blue headlights

-anyone who drives a “pimped” Honda Civic

-old men who drive any of the following with complete disregard for other people on the road because they think they’re “special”: a BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Saab or Audi

-women who drive ANY large SUV (sorry if that sounds sexist, but you really shouldn’t drive them if you physically have trouble handling them)

-women who drive a large SUV and talk on their cell phone at the same time

-people who double or triple park. You are dirty bastards with no regard for your fellow man.

-teenagers who weave in and out of heavy traffic because they need to get to the mall quicker. You’re the people that give young males a bad driving reputation.

-anyone who changes lanes without looking

The following are notes that bad drives may wish to read and hopefully realize the folly of their ways:

-Your bumper is not a place for political statements. No one cares how many whales you’ve saved, who you think is going to hell or who you voted for 6 years ago.

-If you drive an SUV, park FAR AWAY from the entrances to malls and grocery stores. Your car is too big and when it takes up 2 spots and normal people can’t park, it pisses us off.

-Having neon underneither your car does not make you cool.

-If you have to use your cell phone in the car, make it quick or get a hands free headset. Your wife calling you to ask you to pick up milk is fine but talking to a friend for 3 hours is not.

-If you’re planning on repainting your car, don’t prime it until you’re ready to paint it. Having a car that’s half gray just looks retarded.

-Unless you have a large conversion van or something similar, do not, under any circumstances, install a TV or flat panel in your car. Honda Civics were not designed to watch TV in. Take it out of your dashboard before someone gets killed.

-Soup is probably not the best choice for a snack to eat in the car.

-For the love of god, take those stupid little lights out of your hood. They’re even more ridiculous than a ground effects kit.

-If you’re trunk rattles against the car frame and causes noise on it’s own, you probably have the bass turned up too high. PS: we don’t want to hear your music either.

-If you’re over 70 you should be re-examined for driving ability. I realize that you’ve been driving for quite some time now, but when you only go 35mph on the highway, it’s more dangerous than if you were speeding.

-Unless you: are a professional basketball player, a really large/tall person, have a family of 10+ or need to move large amounts of things around on a daily basis, you don’t need an SUV. No, taking the entire soccer team to practice does not count.

-If you plan on driving an SUV you should be forced take a driving course in larger vehicles and get a separate class of drivers license. We do it for motor-homes, why not SUVs?

If everyone who follow these simple rules it would make everyones driving experience so much easier, namely mine. Most people drive normally unless they’re in a rush or are exceptionally stupid. The exceptionally stupid shouldn’t be driving and if you’re in a hurry, getting killed won’t get you there any faster. For the rest of you who just drive like retards, I hope you realize that you ARE despised by a large percentage of the population.

*End rant*

Gee, can’t tell that I had a wonderful day driving can you? So many stupid people live in this city. It’s remarkable to just drive around and witness some of the things that even NYC taxi cabs wouldn’t do. I thought New England had the worst drivers on the planet… until I came to the south. The difference is that up north, people drive like morons on purpose because they’re late or simply want to piss you off. People in the south drive like morons because they are morons. I’m sorry, you’re fundamentally flawed if you think it’ ok to change lanes without a blinker and without looking.

Anyway, besides my drive home, today was pretty normal. We watched a BBC production of As You Like It in Shakespeare and had another critique in Personal Vision. Standard stuff.

I also found out today that Justin, one of our friends from freshman year, would like to come down for spring break. Chip is already planning on coming down which would bring the grand total to 5 guys hanging out at our place all week. Justin would most likely stay at Nagle’s dorm downtown, not that we wouldn’t mind him staying here but we don’t have a second spare bed/couch. Of course everyone will probably end up crashing here anyways since it’s a pain in the butt to shuttle everyone from downtown and back. Regardless, it should be a fun week.

As for me, I’ve got to concentrate on finals at this point and bang out a few more shoots between now and next week. My ideas are few and far between but should provide me with at least some starting places. Usually I start off shooting what I had for an idea and 10 minutes later branch off onto ideas that are coming to me at that moment.

I’ve also been delaying in finishing Splinter Cell and C&C:Generals because I’d like to enjoy them to their fullest. Sneaking in a quick level or two before classes or when I should be doing homework doesn’t really count as “enjoyment”.

That’s about it. Matt out.