Full swing

Well, life at SCAD is back to full swing and I already have stuff to do this weekend. Actually, I’ll mention that I already have a shoot with 3 of my classmates this Saturday if that helps illustrate my point. Yesterday I had Shakespeare and Personal vision, both of which seem to be right up my alley. Shakespeare will basically consist of me reading a play, watching the movie and then discussing. It doesn’t seem that strenuous. Thats followed by Personal Vision is, literally, is a “do whatever you feel like” class. It’s your personal vision. If you want to make color prints of animals you can. If you prefer to make platinum prints about gut-wrenchingly personal subjects you can do that too. That class, combined with Portrait should give me the flexibility to do what I like, in whatever time table I feel like doing it in. At this point I feel that my portfolio is lacking commercial people/product work and edgier more inventive portraiture. I’m probably going to combine my work in both classes into a more centered portfolio. I’d like to do some more environmental portraits as well (people in their surroundings) but thats a wide range of ideas to work with at the moment. We’ll see where the semester leads me. Needless to say I’m very excited about this semester. I have 2 great classes and 1 easy class to balance things out, plenty of ideas to work with (knock on wood) and so hopefully I can come away with some good work that both satisfies me artistically and helps to get me a job.

Jason also made me feel a little more confident in my web design/graphics skills the other day when he told me that he showed my site to a professional ($75/hour) web designer and he said it was more impressive than anything he’s ever done. That made me feel pretty good. I’m almost thinking about seeing if Pixel Media is interested in hiring me again. They offered me a position a year ago but said they wanted someone full time. No harm in asking I suppose.

Oh ya, and Lauren, Brit and I went to Toys’R’Us yesterday so that Lauren could buy “pregnant barbie”. I’m not even joking about that one. Apparently Matel made a Barbie doll, “Mother-to-be Midge” to be exact, thats pregnant. Now, I have nothing against that, I think it’s a good idea actually, teaching kids where babies come from and such but apparently a few people would disagree with me. Right-wing groups across the country are pissed and most retail stores pulled it from the shelves making it an instant collectible. I find that funny. Anyway, so now Lauren has “knocked-up” Barbie as I called it.

Thats about it. I’m waiting from some loan money to do some grocery shopping and supply shopping. Other than that it’s pretty much back to normal around here. Lauren and I have a very similar schedule this semester so I get to spend more time with her which I’m very happy about. I’ve got good classes which I’m also happy about. That’s about it. I’ve got to run, Lauren is making cookies and I think they just came out of the oven. Yum.

Absolutely awesome first day

For once things might actually be going my way. When I got to Burgen (the photo department building) this morning my friend Tammy was waiting outside. She asked me if I still wanted to take the portrait photo class I had wanted but couldn’t get into. I of course said yes. She was dropping it because of time and money conflicts but was going to take it next semester if the professor would secure her a spot. We went together to talk to the professor to see if we could swap spots in the class. He agreed and I spent the rest of the afternoon working out the details with the Registrars Office. While I was taking care of that I also had the opportunity to figure out some of the finer points of my financial situation. According to the Bursars Office, I’m 100% covered for tuition. I’ll get a $500 credit on my account this week and a $2000+ credit next week. Which is good, that means I can finally afford to go grocery shopping. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to eat Ramen noodles all week. What was surprising was that the refund was so little. I asked about that and was told that it was because the NH Higher Education check hadn’t shown up yet. So, that was the only downside to my afternoon and I’m going to call them in a few minutes and figure out whats going on with that. So, I got the class I had wanted, I get a tiny bit of money, got a hold taken off my account, and generally feel pretty good at the moment. I’ve had a rather nice day.

So, my class schedule now stands as:

Mon/Wed: Portrait – 3pm
Tues/Thurs: Shakespeare – 9am , Person Vision – 12pm

Not too shabby. Well, I’ve got to call NH Higher Ed. Cya.

Savannah and a belated birthday

My fathers flight didn’t leave until Saturday morning which means he had to spend all day Friday in Savannah. I warned him before that there’s simply nothing to do in this town but he didn’t believe me. He kept asking if we were going to go do something. I asked what would he like to do and he couldn’t think of anything.

This is a common problem in Savannah. You see, this is the south and they pride themselves on doing absolutely nothing day in and day out. So, when I say “there’s nothing to do” I’m being completely serious. There are a few things to do in this town. 99% of them involve either a lot of money, eating out or tourist-trip-ish things. Most of our “Saturday nights” on the town involve eating a nice dinner and renting or seeing a movie. Beyond that the average person doesn’t have much in the way of entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, the city is nice and perfect for those tourist-ish activities, but once you’ve lived here for a while those aren’t really an option any more.

Oh well, so on Friday we tried to keep busy with little errands and projects. We replaced a belt on the vacuum cleaner, we replaced the chain on the front door, that sort of thing. After I ran out of little things for my Dad to do I handed him a stack of DVDs and told him to try and relax a little.

Friday afternoon Lauren got back into town so I was instantly happy. We helped her unpack and then went out to the Atlanta Bread Company for some dinner. Afterwords we exchanged gifts from Christmas and my birthday. I ended up getting some PJs, an Emeril cookbook and spices, a caffeine molecule coffee mug from Thinkgeek.com, some coffee and a few other nice things.

Saturday I spent all day with Lauren. We got some lunch, unpacked her room, had a very tasty “birthday dinner” at Longhorn and watched the special addition Romeo and Juliet. We also made plans for this afternoon which is where I find myself at the moment.

Lauren and I, along with Hallie and Sara are going to go see Chicago this afternoon at 4. I’ve never seen the play before but I have heard the music on various occasions so it should be interesting. After that I’m not sure what we’re up to. Most likely trying to relax since we start classes tomorrow.

Thats about it. Later.


Home sweet home… or at least thats what I thought it was going to be. Walking into my apartment this afternoon was like stepping into war-torn Afghanistan after a US air strike. Apparently Melissa, our “guest”, was planning on cleaning this evening in preparation for our arrival tomorrow. Unfortunately for her we were a day early. There were at least 4 loads of dishes that needed to go into the dish washer, potted plants on the rug with soil all over the place, all kinds of stuff. I flipped. I spent 3 hours in which I should have been resting trying to clean my apartment. If Melissa had come in while I was clean there probably would have been blood shed.

Now, this is probably where I need to explain a few things. I was “ok” with her staying here last semester, I had dealt with it. I wasn’t happy but I felt I was doing “the right thing” by helping someone in need. I was being a nice guy. When I walked in this afternoon I wasn’t thinking “wow is this place messy” but “how, after being nice, could someone do this to me.” I couldn’t understand the lack of common decency. It was not that the apartment was messy but rather the fact that someone had let it become that messy. That was my real problem.

So, after cleaning until my obsessive compulsive side was satisfied my father and I decided margaritas were defiantly in order. While we were at the mexican place down the street Melissa stopped by to finish her cleaning. She was told by Jason that we were coming tomorrow and rightfully so she was coming over to clean. For that I thank her. Again, what I found offensive was NOT that the apartment was messy, but that it had been allowed to get that messy in the first place.

At least she was coming over to clean. If she had simply disappeared I would have been out for blood. I left a note on the counter which I feel mildly bad for stating literally “leave your key and get out.” I feel kind of bad about being so blunt about it but it’s how I felt at the time so I don’t feel like apologizing for it. She did and she’s gone.

While I’m still pissed (a lot) I always have a habit of forgiving and forgetting. Call that a downfall if you will but I can never really hold a grudge for very long. So, for the next week or so I’m sure I’ll sneer at the mention of her name but after that she could probably get rid of any bullet proof vest she may have purchased. Please note that statement is only to illustrate a point and I’d never actually shoot anyone. I abhor guns in their entirety… well, except the Desert Eagle which is just so damn cool that it simply must be liked.

So, here I sit, no money, only 10 cable channels and with a VERY clean apartment. When I say clean I mean it… I even cleaned that little shelf in the bathtub thats for the soap!

Thankfully Lauren comes back tomorrow so I get to see my sweetheart. I can’t wait. I’ve gone far too long without seeing her. Which reminds me… I need to wrap her Christmas gifts tonight. Silly slacker Matt.

Tomorrow Jason gets home as well and I’ll see about what he wants to do to replace the living room furniture that was Melissa’s. The TV sitting on top of a cardboard box just doesn’t look quite right. I think I can probably get a cheap entertainment center setup at IKEA or Target or if worst comes to worst, Walmart.

That’s about it. I’m very tired and I’m glad to be “home” if you will. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some wrapping to do. I should probably apologize to Jason as well since I left a rather ranting email in his inbox while I was at the “height of pissed.” He always said I should tell him if I was pissed about somthing and I certainly took that advice. It’s not really Jason’s fault, although he didn’t really do anything one way or another, to help or to hinder the situation, but yelling at him about something that he didn’t do doesn’t really make a lot of sense… it only makes me seem like a parent.

Whatever. Sleepy time.