For once things might actually be going my way. When I got to Burgen (the photo department building) this morning my friend Tammy was waiting outside. She asked me if I still wanted to take the portrait photo class I had wanted but couldn’t get into. I of course said yes. She was dropping it because of time and money conflicts but was going to take it next semester if the professor would secure her a spot. We went together to talk to the professor to see if we could swap spots in the class. He agreed and I spent the rest of the afternoon working out the details with the Registrars Office. While I was taking care of that I also had the opportunity to figure out some of the finer points of my financial situation. According to the Bursars Office, I’m 100% covered for tuition. I’ll get a $500 credit on my account this week and a $2000+ credit next week. Which is good, that means I can finally afford to go grocery shopping. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to eat Ramen noodles all week. What was surprising was that the refund was so little. I asked about that and was told that it was because the NH Higher Education check hadn’t shown up yet. So, that was the only downside to my afternoon and I’m going to call them in a few minutes and figure out whats going on with that. So, I got the class I had wanted, I get a tiny bit of money, got a hold taken off my account, and generally feel pretty good at the moment. I’ve had a rather nice day.

So, my class schedule now stands as:

Mon/Wed: Portrait – 3pm
Tues/Thurs: Shakespeare – 9am , Person Vision – 12pm

Not too shabby. Well, I’ve got to call NH Higher Ed. Cya.