My fathers flight didn’t leave until Saturday morning which means he had to spend all day Friday in Savannah. I warned him before that there’s simply nothing to do in this town but he didn’t believe me. He kept asking if we were going to go do something. I asked what would he like to do and he couldn’t think of anything.

This is a common problem in Savannah. You see, this is the south and they pride themselves on doing absolutely nothing day in and day out. So, when I say “there’s nothing to do” I’m being completely serious. There are a few things to do in this town. 99% of them involve either a lot of money, eating out or tourist-trip-ish things. Most of our “Saturday nights” on the town involve eating a nice dinner and renting or seeing a movie. Beyond that the average person doesn’t have much in the way of entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, the city is nice and perfect for those tourist-ish activities, but once you’ve lived here for a while those aren’t really an option any more.

Oh well, so on Friday we tried to keep busy with little errands and projects. We replaced a belt on the vacuum cleaner, we replaced the chain on the front door, that sort of thing. After I ran out of little things for my Dad to do I handed him a stack of DVDs and told him to try and relax a little.

Friday afternoon Lauren got back into town so I was instantly happy. We helped her unpack and then went out to the Atlanta Bread Company for some dinner. Afterwords we exchanged gifts from Christmas and my birthday. I ended up getting some PJs, an Emeril cookbook and spices, a caffeine molecule coffee mug from, some coffee and a few other nice things.

Saturday I spent all day with Lauren. We got some lunch, unpacked her room, had a very tasty “birthday dinner” at Longhorn and watched the special addition Romeo and Juliet. We also made plans for this afternoon which is where I find myself at the moment.

Lauren and I, along with Hallie and Sara are going to go see Chicago this afternoon at 4. I’ve never seen the play before but I have heard the music on various occasions so it should be interesting. After that I’m not sure what we’re up to. Most likely trying to relax since we start classes tomorrow.

Thats about it. Later.