Well, life at SCAD is back to full swing and I already have stuff to do this weekend. Actually, I’ll mention that I already have a shoot with 3 of my classmates this Saturday if that helps illustrate my point. Yesterday I had Shakespeare and Personal vision, both of which seem to be right up my alley. Shakespeare will basically consist of me reading a play, watching the movie and then discussing. It doesn’t seem that strenuous. Thats followed by Personal Vision is, literally, is a “do whatever you feel like” class. It’s your personal vision. If you want to make color prints of animals you can. If you prefer to make platinum prints about gut-wrenchingly personal subjects you can do that too. That class, combined with Portrait should give me the flexibility to do what I like, in whatever time table I feel like doing it in. At this point I feel that my portfolio is lacking commercial people/product work and edgier more inventive portraiture. I’m probably going to combine my work in both classes into a more centered portfolio. I’d like to do some more environmental portraits as well (people in their surroundings) but thats a wide range of ideas to work with at the moment. We’ll see where the semester leads me. Needless to say I’m very excited about this semester. I have 2 great classes and 1 easy class to balance things out, plenty of ideas to work with (knock on wood) and so hopefully I can come away with some good work that both satisfies me artistically and helps to get me a job.

Jason also made me feel a little more confident in my web design/graphics skills the other day when he told me that he showed my site to a professional ($75/hour) web designer and he said it was more impressive than anything he’s ever done. That made me feel pretty good. I’m almost thinking about seeing if Pixel Media is interested in hiring me again. They offered me a position a year ago but said they wanted someone full time. No harm in asking I suppose.

Oh ya, and Lauren, Brit and I went to Toys’R’Us yesterday so that Lauren could buy “pregnant barbie”. I’m not even joking about that one. Apparently Matel made a Barbie doll, “Mother-to-be Midge” to be exact, thats pregnant. Now, I have nothing against that, I think it’s a good idea actually, teaching kids where babies come from and such but apparently a few people would disagree with me. Right-wing groups across the country are pissed and most retail stores pulled it from the shelves making it an instant collectible. I find that funny. Anyway, so now Lauren has “knocked-up” Barbie as I called it.

Thats about it. I’m waiting from some loan money to do some grocery shopping and supply shopping. Other than that it’s pretty much back to normal around here. Lauren and I have a very similar schedule this semester so I get to spend more time with her which I’m very happy about. I’ve got good classes which I’m also happy about. That’s about it. I’ve got to run, Lauren is making cookies and I think they just came out of the oven. Yum.