Well… things are coming together… a little. I made an appointment on Friday for my car to have it’s AC recharged for the trip home. That should be good… a nice and frosty car. I just hope there isn’t any secondary complications with it (radiators, heating systems, air filtration). I called around and got some prices so I could get an idea of people trying to high-ball me. The first placed I called said it would be $1300 because they’d have to replace half the air system in the car. The cheapest place I found was actually across the street from that first one and they said they could do it for $100. I’m sure all they’re going to do it refill it with the older freon (freon 12?) and not tell me, but that’s actually what I’d like them to do. I don’t plan on paying $1300 for anything on/in that car, let alone for AC. My ass can sweat for $1300. In the end I made the appointment at the place that was estimating $100.

So, tonight I’ll be working on my emultion lifts and packing. Tomorrow is more packing. Thursday I’ll probably help Lauren pack and start to move. On Friday Jason and I have reserved a U-Haul for the day so we can move all our crap to the new apartment. So I’ll drop off my car in the morning, go with Jason to get the U-Haul, move two blocks, help Lauren move, return the U-Haul, pick up the car and then pass out. It should be FUN! I think I’ll move everything except my bed, which I’ll somehow move on Saturday or Sunday.

Then it’s driving time.

But for now, I think I’ll take a nap, eat some food, then start my photo project. Later.