Two classes down. One to go. And all I have to do for that one is show up. I finished my poloroid emultion lifts yesterday so I’ll I have to do it turn them in. Everything else today went fairly well. I did well on my final test in History and pulled off a B in sequential. With a hopefull “A” tomorrow in Color I should be on the Dean’s List for the 3rd strait year. So, tonight Lauren and I will relax in the most extreme of ways and try and shake off the end of the semester jitters. At some point I’d like to make an attempt at packing but more than likely that’ll be tomorrow and Friday. If all goes well, Jason and I will be totally and completely in our new apartment by Friday night. I’ll probably leave only the bed over here and even that’s a “maybe”, I may just spend the night in the new place. Either way, my mom is flying in on Saturday and I’d like to not have anything left to do. Then I can take Sunday as a “mental” day and start home on Monday. That and moms in general like to buy things for new apartments, so maybe staying Sunday will result in some “mom shopping” for some house-hold goodies. Thats about it. I don’t know when I’m packing this bad boy up, but I’ll let you know with a post before my departure.