Today has been a long

Today has been a long day of packing. I started packing up all the non-essentials (books, DVDs, kitchen stuff) so that I would have a lot less to pack when the time comes. I also dropped off 7 rolls of film at Camera Land this morning. Those should be ready by tomorrow. I was surprised by how much stuff I’ve got and I hope that come Thursday night it all fits. Obviously I left the computer and my clothes alone and those will be pack last.

Oh, has anyone seen my Half-Life CD? I haven’t seen it since the last LAN party. It was either Chip or Derrick who were borrowing it… I don’t remember. Do any of you guys still have it? I hope so, otherwise I lost it.

Also, my partner in crime, Chris, left this afternoon to go back to Tech. Hope the drive goes well. Also, Nick leaves tomorrow for WPI. This summer was certainly fun. All the concerts Chris and I went to, all the fun I’m sure Nick had in Alaska. With a few minor (major) acceptions, I enjoyed most of this summer. At least hanging out with the guys anyway. Job, car, society wise, this summer really sucked ass. Hard. But, it’s almost over. Friday I’m on the road and by Sunday I’ll be sleeping in my own bed in a plush little apartment in Georgia. Ok, enough of that. I get to have some curry for dinner, one of my favorites, gotta go eat. Later.

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Oi… what a long day.

Oi… what a long day. I ended up getting out of bed around 8 and getting on the road after some breakfast and picking Chris up around 9:30. We headed up i93 into the northern part of NH and as we drove the clouds began to form on the horizon. Large piles of mist that circled the mountains in the distance and loomed overhead as I drove towards them. Passing through Franconia and the national forest we took the split between the mountains past Echo Lake up towards Sugar Hill. We stopped for a late breakfast or more of an early lunch at Polly’s Pancake Parlor, a regional favorite in the way of hot-stacks and home made maple syrup. The pancakes were more than filling and made us both tired in a post thanksgiving sort of way. Around 1pm we were back in the car cruising the back roads of Sugar Hill in search of the illusive “perfect picture”. We stopped at a candidate just beyond the diner were we had eaten, it was a quaint little church in the middle of no where. It was of the backwood, farm house variety and looked both historic and well loved by the surrounding farmers. After a few quick snap shots we were back on the road, stopping every few miles as something struck my eye or artistic fancy. I ended up taking three rolls of film, one less than I had intended but that was due to the storm clouds and lack of good light since the rain was moving up the valley. After a while we got back on i93 and headed back towards the mountains and for home after exhausting most of the light that the area had to offer. A little after 4:30 we rolled back into Milford and dropped Chris off at his house for probably the last time until the new year. Chris is leaving tomorrow afternoon to head back to college and I won’t be seeing him until well into winter break. After that I returned home and crashed on the couch, tired from getting up at an unusually early time, at least for myself.

Later in the evening Nick called and asked if I had plans. I didn’t and so we headed off to Nashua so Nick could look into the purchase of his very first cell phone. At Circuit City we talked to an associate about rate plans and phones and other Sprint PCS randomness. I became interested in looking into getting a newer phone since my old one is starting to die slowly of an old battery and the newer one has more features that I would actually use. But, since there’s technically nothing wrong with my current phone, I guess I’ll have to wait until I have a reason to buy a newer one, well, a reason other than “it’s nifty.” Nick eventually decided to accept one of the Sprint PCS plans and got the cool new phone I was looking at. He’ll have to tell me how it is. After that we stopped at Walmart since Nick needed a few items for school and then I headed home.

All in all it was a fairly productive day. I got some film shot, I got to hang out with two good friends, have some good pancakes, and relax in the splendor of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Tomorrow I’ll probably spend the day packing and getting ready for the trip on Friday, I also plan to drop off the film early in the morning in hopes I can have it processed and contact printed by the afternoon… crossing fingers on that one. At the latest it should be ready Wednesday morning. No biggie. Ok, bed time. Later.

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Woot! New graphics card… yippee!

Woot! New graphics card… yippee! Chris and I installed the Geforce 2 tonight. It went in fine but then it was having some AGP power and interupt issues. We moved some cards around in the case and made sure the sound card (the one it was conflicting with) was far enought away. After playing with some jumpers and boosting the power going through the board, we finally got it working. I know that all that sounded pretty confusing for most of you… basically we put in a new card and it didn’t play well with the one of the other kids so we had to seperate them and put them in the corner for time-out. But they calmed down and everything is ok now. Heheh… wow, talk about simplification. Point is that I now have some serious graphics horse-power thanks to Chris and I can play games in twice the resolutions, many more pretty colors and with better video. Huzah. Ok, enough of that. Sleepy time. Tomorrow (today) I’m heading off for the mountains to finish some photo work I’ve been delaying and relax a little. I’m going to take the last of the 6 rolls I bought and put them in to be developed when I get back in the afternoon. I’ve already shot four rolls so it shouldn’t take very long. Later.

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Ladies and Gentleman, Jay and

Ladies and Gentleman, Jay and Silent Bob have left the building. Last night was the sneak preview of Kevin Smith’s new movie “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” It was frickin’ awesome. I promised I wouldn’t mention anything plot-wise since it doesn’t open until Friday and I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t seen it. Lets just say that the movie makes fun of everyone, everything and in every way. It makes fun of itself, makes fun of the industry, makes fun of the actors (mostly Affleck) and has a wicked potty-mouth. I certainly enjoyed myself. Certain parts were slightly on the cheesy side (mostly just Will Ferrell) and some of it was taken directly from other things (like “Chasing Dogma”, the comic book between Chasing Amy and Dogma). I can’t wait until Friday when it opens and I can start to mention the scenes that had me rolling on the floor laughing. Definatly the best movie I saw this summer, and I’m not saying that because I’m a Kevin Smith fan or because I love “dick and fart” jokes. I’m saying that because it was damn funny and this summer’s movie season has pretty much sucked. J&SB:SB and Moulin Rouge were probably the best movies I’ve seen this summer. This definatly gets a “Go see it, go see it now” recomendation.

Ok, time for lunch, then hangin’ out a little with Chris. Later.

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Well, today was the yard

Well, today was the yard sale. I was pulled out of bed at 6am and made to carry large and useless items up from the basement and then sit around until 2pm putting up with people who came by to buy around useless crap. Now, I’m certainly “mr customer service” when I’m at work, geez, I even put up with a guy who probably stole that credit card, but if you think for a second that I’m going to be friendly to people I don’t want to be friendly towards, especially on my day off, you are very mistaken. Its not that I’m not a friendly guy, you all know I am, its just that I got in late, got up early, and generally didn’t want to be there. But I tried my best to pull up a smile and be helpful, it was “the right thing to do”. blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I helped out, end of story.

However, tonight shall be very cool. It’s preview night for “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. I’m very excited. Hopefully it should be good. Every trailer and teaser I’ve seen has led me to believe it won’t suck so I’m hoping for the best. I don’t forsee Kevin Smith letting me down. I was planning on going with Nick and meeting Chip and Dave there… I’m kinda getting worried though, it’s 5:30 and Nick isn’t back yet. The show is at 7:30 and I wanted to be there early. I appologize in advance Nick, but if you’re not here by 6:30, I’ve gotta leave. It’ll take atleast that long just to get there. I hope you call soon. Ok, off to the movies. I’ll be sure not to spoil any surprises when I talk about it later.

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