Oi… what a long day. I ended up getting out of bed around 8 and getting on the road after some breakfast and picking Chris up around 9:30. We headed up i93 into the northern part of NH and as we drove the clouds began to form on the horizon. Large piles of mist that circled the mountains in the distance and loomed overhead as I drove towards them. Passing through Franconia and the national forest we took the split between the mountains past Echo Lake up towards Sugar Hill. We stopped for a late breakfast or more of an early lunch at Polly’s Pancake Parlor, a regional favorite in the way of hot-stacks and home made maple syrup. The pancakes were more than filling and made us both tired in a post thanksgiving sort of way. Around 1pm we were back in the car cruising the back roads of Sugar Hill in search of the illusive “perfect picture”. We stopped at a candidate just beyond the diner were we had eaten, it was a quaint little church in the middle of no where. It was of the backwood, farm house variety and looked both historic and well loved by the surrounding farmers. After a few quick snap shots we were back on the road, stopping every few miles as something struck my eye or artistic fancy. I ended up taking three rolls of film, one less than I had intended but that was due to the storm clouds and lack of good light since the rain was moving up the valley. After a while we got back on i93 and headed back towards the mountains and for home after exhausting most of the light that the area had to offer. A little after 4:30 we rolled back into Milford and dropped Chris off at his house for probably the last time until the new year. Chris is leaving tomorrow afternoon to head back to college and I won’t be seeing him until well into winter break. After that I returned home and crashed on the couch, tired from getting up at an unusually early time, at least for myself.

Later in the evening Nick called and asked if I had plans. I didn’t and so we headed off to Nashua so Nick could look into the purchase of his very first cell phone. At Circuit City we talked to an associate about rate plans and phones and other Sprint PCS randomness. I became interested in looking into getting a newer phone since my old one is starting to die slowly of an old battery and the newer one has more features that I would actually use. But, since there’s technically nothing wrong with my current phone, I guess I’ll have to wait until I have a reason to buy a newer one, well, a reason other than “it’s nifty.” Nick eventually decided to accept one of the Sprint PCS plans and got the cool new phone I was looking at. He’ll have to tell me how it is. After that we stopped at Walmart since Nick needed a few items for school and then I headed home.

All in all it was a fairly productive day. I got some film shot, I got to hang out with two good friends, have some good pancakes, and relax in the splendor of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Tomorrow I’ll probably spend the day packing and getting ready for the trip on Friday, I also plan to drop off the film early in the morning in hopes I can have it processed and contact printed by the afternoon… crossing fingers on that one. At the latest it should be ready Wednesday morning. No biggie. Ok, bed time. Later.

Current Mood: tired and chilled (inside joke… must have been the mint toothpick)