Woot! New graphics card… yippee! Chris and I installed the Geforce 2 tonight. It went in fine but then it was having some AGP power and interupt issues. We moved some cards around in the case and made sure the sound card (the one it was conflicting with) was far enought away. After playing with some jumpers and boosting the power going through the board, we finally got it working. I know that all that sounded pretty confusing for most of you… basically we put in a new card and it didn’t play well with the one of the other kids so we had to seperate them and put them in the corner for time-out. But they calmed down and everything is ok now. Heheh… wow, talk about simplification. Point is that I now have some serious graphics horse-power thanks to Chris and I can play games in twice the resolutions, many more pretty colors and with better video. Huzah. Ok, enough of that. Sleepy time. Tomorrow (today) I’m heading off for the mountains to finish some photo work I’ve been delaying and relax a little. I’m going to take the last of the 6 rolls I bought and put them in to be developed when I get back in the afternoon. I’ve already shot four rolls so it shouldn’t take very long. Later.

Current Mood: very good… and no longer graphically challenged.