Today has been a long day of packing. I started packing up all the non-essentials (books, DVDs, kitchen stuff) so that I would have a lot less to pack when the time comes. I also dropped off 7 rolls of film at Camera Land this morning. Those should be ready by tomorrow. I was surprised by how much stuff I’ve got and I hope that come Thursday night it all fits. Obviously I left the computer and my clothes alone and those will be pack last.

Oh, has anyone seen my Half-Life CD? I haven’t seen it since the last LAN party. It was either Chip or Derrick who were borrowing it… I don’t remember. Do any of you guys still have it? I hope so, otherwise I lost it.

Also, my partner in crime, Chris, left this afternoon to go back to Tech. Hope the drive goes well. Also, Nick leaves tomorrow for WPI. This summer was certainly fun. All the concerts Chris and I went to, all the fun I’m sure Nick had in Alaska. With a few minor (major) acceptions, I enjoyed most of this summer. At least hanging out with the guys anyway. Job, car, society wise, this summer really sucked ass. Hard. But, it’s almost over. Friday I’m on the road and by Sunday I’ll be sleeping in my own bed in a plush little apartment in Georgia. Ok, enough of that. I get to have some curry for dinner, one of my favorites, gotta go eat. Later.

Current Mood: Hungry