Ok, I’ll keep this short

Ok, I’ll keep this short since I’m already falling asleep as we speak. Tonight I saw Pearl Harbor. I’m not quite sure how to review this one because I have mixed feelings about it. One one hand, the action/fighting/war sequences were absolutely awesome. They get an A on the standard scale. Then there was the love story. That was cheesy and at points even agrivating. That gets a C/C-. Honest effort but it over stepped its boundries and “didn’t know what it was” as Nagle would say. So, that leaves me with a so-so plot but lots of cool plane dog-fights. Average the two together and we get a low B and the recomendation to see it, but only for matinee price. On a comparison scare. It was better than Titanic but no where near Saving Private Ryan. Go see it if you’re bored or really like sterotypical “war-time” time movies and settings. Plenty of good visuals, but they could have left out the soap-opera. Ok, ’nuff said. I’m going to bed. Later.

This apartment is starting to

This apartment is starting to worry me. And I know I’m not alone. It doesn’t help that each of my roommate, myself included is for some reason, trying to get little, tiny, one-ups on each other. I dunno, I guess we’re all getting a little nervous about it. I mean, we’re signing the lease tomorrow and that’s less than a week until our move-in date. I just wish we’d all share information with each other a little sooner than last minute. Not that I haven’t done it myself, so I’m not blamming anyone for anything. At any rate, I think we’re all completely ready to get out of here. So, we have to pay the 2nd $100 deposit, plus $30 for back rent (for the last day in March) which is the stupidest thing I’ve EVER heard, plus the first months rent of $935. So, it comes out to around $350 for each of us. Oh well. At least I get out of this shit-hole. Goodbye O-House, it was never fun. Well, ok, there was a few days here and there, but it was mostly the people that made it fun. The people I’ll miss, the building can fall into the sea for all I care. And I don’t think anyone will blame me for that. Ok, I’m off to see Pearl Harbor. Look for a review later tonight. Later.

Hey, today (yesterday) was fairly

Hey, today (yesterday) was fairly productive. After math class, I headed out to the mall with Lauren and Nagle. I needed to find some matte-board for my photo final. I have to window-matte 7 20×24 prints. Ouchy. Anyway, theres a place at the mall that does frames and stuff, and they said they would cut windows for me for 3 dollars a board. Not to bad. Only problem is that they didn’t have any board to sell me. So, I went over to the craft store. None there. Then I tried another frame store. This time, the lady could get me some but it would cost me $15 a sheet! Not reasonable. Finally, I tried the art store downtown (which is where I should have gone first) and they of course had some for only $4.50 a sheet. Anyway, I’m going to drop those off back at the original frame place tomorrow and hopefully he can get them cut quickly. After those are finished I’m close to being done with my finals. Just a quick photo thing and a quiz to study for and I’m done. Now I can turn my attention to helping Lauren, packing my stuff, and trying to find a job for the summer. Ok, I’m going to head off to bed. I’m going to be seeing Pearl Harbor today so I’ll let you guys know how it was. No spoilers, I promise. Later.

Woot! I think I’ve more

Woot! I think I’ve more or less finished my photo final. At least a very large (95%) of it. Horray for me. This means that I can take my time and make sure it’s all put together well and that I get all of them window-matted very nicely. Anyways, my brain is VERY fried at the moment. I’ve been in the darkroom for way to long. I’m going to go to bed early and get some much needed (and much deserved) sleep. But before I do, you simply have to get this. It’s a nifty desktop enhancement that creates a kick ass MOVING background on your win9x, 2k machines. Go get it, now! Okay, g’night. Later.

Welp, it happened again, I’ve

Welp, it happened again, I’ve had to much caffine and worked in the darkroom for to way too long. I’m so very tired but I can’t get to sleep. I guess it’s for the best though. I did get a lot of work done. I finished my printing for my still-life project as well as my portrait and got a good step into my final project. I’m doing a series on the baseball stadium here in town and it’s turning out pretty well. I’ve got 2 11x14s done along with my larger 16×20. I only need 6 prints for the final and I’ve already got two done. Since tomorrow (today) is a lab-work day, I’ve got plenty of time to finish these off. Hopefully I can finish them tomorrow so I can get them window-matted over the weekend. I hate matting things. Anyway, hopes are rising about my roommate and him getting a job. I’ve been more than a little nervous for/about him. I didn’t want anything to go wrong with this apartment. As soon as we get in I’ll post some pictures. Anyway, it’s late, I’m going to try and sleep again. Later.