Ok, I’ll keep this short since I’m already falling asleep as we speak. Tonight I saw Pearl Harbor. I’m not quite sure how to review this one because I have mixed feelings about it. One one hand, the action/fighting/war sequences were absolutely awesome. They get an A on the standard scale. Then there was the love story. That was cheesy and at points even agrivating. That gets a C/C-. Honest effort but it over stepped its boundries and “didn’t know what it was” as Nagle would say. So, that leaves me with a so-so plot but lots of cool plane dog-fights. Average the two together and we get a low B and the recomendation to see it, but only for matinee price. On a comparison scare. It was better than Titanic but no where near Saving Private Ryan. Go see it if you’re bored or really like sterotypical “war-time” time movies and settings. Plenty of good visuals, but they could have left out the soap-opera. Ok, ’nuff said. I’m going to bed. Later.