I thought I should add

I thought I should add this while I’m still mad. Last night around 4am, some idiot decided it would be a good idea to pull down two fire extinguishers and set them off in the 5th floor common room so that the smoke detectors and fire alarms would go off. So, after only about 1/7th of the building got up and evactuated, the RD thought it would be a good time to call all those people who were nice enough to get up into the main ballroom for a “talk”. This talk was no more than her yelling at us for waking her up at 4:30 in the morning. The students got fed up and promptly told her that THEY were the one’s up at 4:30 as well and that she should be yelling at someone else since we actually followed procedure and got out of bed. We then went back to bed of our own valition. Score, 1 for the O-House kids. I’m going back to bed. Later.

Oh, forgot to add that

Oh, forgot to add that I just found out that Josh’s sister had moved away. Sorry to hear that. It’s one less cool person in Milford this summer. She’s moved to Boston so I’m gelous. Have fun kid. Lates.

Blarg. I just spent all

Blarg. I just spent all night in the darkroom, it’s very less than fun. Let’s see: 12-5:30 class upstairs, learning things I don’t care about and having a generally shitty time. 5:45-9, first batch of negatives, tonight was 4×5 night. I had about 20 to do, 3 at a time, 40 mins each set. Yippee. 9:30, break time, just long enough to swallow some Mt. Red and talk to some random people in the darkroom. 10:00, last of the negatives are done and being put into the dryers, started working on prints for the still-life project. 11:00, realized that I was very tired and that I was becoming stupid in the head the more I looked at the prints I was making. Decided to call it a night. Called Lauren who came a picked me up. Went out to the Diner and got some food in my system. I was very hungry. Night, night. It’s Matt’s sleepy time. Sssshhh… you’ll wake hime up. Later.

I would like to add

I would like to add a small little factoid before I go to bed. GO GET MT.DEW RED! Go now! It’s good, you won’t regret it. It’ll probably make you even more sterile than regular Mt.Dew, but it’s red and fully of cherry goodness. It’ll be the only thing keeping me awake in the darkroom tomorrow (today). Anyways, g’night. Later.