Hey, today (yesterday) was fairly productive. After math class, I headed out to the mall with Lauren and Nagle. I needed to find some matte-board for my photo final. I have to window-matte 7 20×24 prints. Ouchy. Anyway, theres a place at the mall that does frames and stuff, and they said they would cut windows for me for 3 dollars a board. Not to bad. Only problem is that they didn’t have any board to sell me. So, I went over to the craft store. None there. Then I tried another frame store. This time, the lady could get me some but it would cost me $15 a sheet! Not reasonable. Finally, I tried the art store downtown (which is where I should have gone first) and they of course had some for only $4.50 a sheet. Anyway, I’m going to drop those off back at the original frame place tomorrow and hopefully he can get them cut quickly. After those are finished I’m close to being done with my finals. Just a quick photo thing and a quiz to study for and I’m done. Now I can turn my attention to helping Lauren, packing my stuff, and trying to find a job for the summer. Ok, I’m going to head off to bed. I’m going to be seeing Pearl Harbor today so I’ll let you guys know how it was. No spoilers, I promise. Later.