Ok, so I fibbed a

Ok, so I fibbed a little, THIS will be the last post for a while. After this, I’m disconnecting the rig and boxing it up for the long drive home. But before that I’d like to say a few things. Firstly, I’m very happy at the moment. It seems that we got the keys to our place a day early so now that we have extra time, moving won’t be that bad. Yippee. Also, a few random notes to friends before I go:

Lauren – This goodbye is slightly more personal…I’ll do this one in private. I love you.

Nagle – It’s been fun, the cereal was good, you’d better have a car next year cause’ I don’t want to have to drive in and pick you up.

Jason – First year was good, this one was too. Next year will be great. Have fun at shows this summer, not like I had to tell you that.

Pete – This year was interesting. Have fun this summer at the place. Try not to trash it. (kidding)

The photo kids – The darkroom was great this year, I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the crits.

The Pulaski Puff Girls – Thanks for putting up with me.

The backside boys – Haha. What a smart idea it was to have Jeff and Andy live together. I have a feeling things are going to explode a lot next year.

Everyone else – Take care my friends. I’ll be back sooner than you think.

And so, with that, I’ll take my leave of you. Goodbye Savannah, can’t say I’ll miss the smell of the paper plant. I will miss the people though. Ok, where’s that box…oh here it is… *shrunch*, *wrap*, *wrap*, *tape*, *door slam*, *car driving off*

Ok, this will be the

Ok, this will be the last one for a few days. The cable modem is being disconnected tomorrow. Chris, guys, I’ll be home Sunday. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a call. To all the SCAD kids, I’ll talk to you soon, keep in touch this summer, keep reading this page to find out about what I’m up to in NH. Ok, I’ll be back online once I get home. Till then. See ya kids. Keep it real, take care my friends. Later.

Welp, got back from class

Welp, got back from class really early today. Guess thats good since I still have some small photo lose ends to tie up. I’ve gotta head over to the darkroom to beg for a pin-hole camera to get a project done. More on this Later.

Wow, it’s Sunday. Only 4

Wow, it’s Sunday. Only 4 days left. I thought I’d have a little more time. This stinks. I wanted more time to see Lauren, more time to hang out with the guys, more time to work on photos. Well, I suppose it’s about time to mentaly start wrapping things up. Time to say goodbyes. But only for the summer. Everyone will be back in the fall and it is only 3 months away. The hardest thing will be missing Lauren of course. But we keep good contact through email and frequent photo calls, running up the phone bills of our parents. And I’m going to try my hardest to find a way to go down to TX this summer. I’ve gotta go about securing a job before I buy the plane tix though. Ok, enough of that, it’s not time to call it quits yet. We’ll put off goodbyes for a few more days. As for today, it was fairly productive. I got all my prints stop toned and window matted. They’re ready to go for the morning. After that I got a little spring cleaning done in preparation for packing. I would have started to pack but I don’t have any boxes. I’ll have to fix that. Anyway, I’m going to go see what Nagle is up to. Later.

Yah! I’m now the resident

Yah! I’m now the resident of a 2 story town-home/appartment. I can’t wait till next week when I move in. It’ll be fantastic. And the best part is that I get the master-bedroom, which has its own bathroom. Yippee. At any rate, after a 30 minute paper signing marathon, we’re all good to go. My check for the rent will be delivered to them in a few days and we’ll get the keys on Thursday. We have to be out of the dorms by Friday so we should be able to make it. After that, my mom flys in on Friday afternoon, we chill in the apartment for a little and start driving on Saturday. I think we might stop by my aunts house and say hi on our way up the coast. Ok, that’s about it for big news today. Oh, before I forget, I added Pete’s page to the side section since he was nice enough to link to me yesterday. Ok, I’m going to go spot-tone some photographs. Later.