Random Rookies and Refractors

By “Rookies” I mean both official rookie cards and “early card from people who may/may not suck” and by “Refractors” I also mean parallels, diecuts, sparkles and any other bullcrap a card company can think up. That was actually going to be the title of the post, “bullcrap they thought up”, but this sounded a whole lot nicer.

What better way to start a flood of mediocrity than with this…


Yup. That’s a 1992 Manny. I already had one, but it’s graded, and this will go in my player collection binder. You know it’s all downhill from here people…


Back to the Show

The title works in a number of ways. Most as a return to form as well as a call back to cards I picked up at the end of January. For myself, writing has always helped with the stress of things, or being entirely to stressed out to write was entirely a double-edged sword. Also, the shear backlog of stuff is now at the point where I either embrace it and get off my ass and do something about it, or it explodes into a psycho-post of everything all at once and everyone runs away screaming. Lets try and minimize the damage, shall we?

For starters, these next couple posts will be both large, and brief. These are all cards from the card show, and there are a lot. I’ll break them up into several categories. If you don’t feel like slogging through these with me, I totally understand. I hope to see you on the other side once I start talking about things that have actually happened within the same calendar month.

For now, let’s just get this over with and jump right in.