Christmas Cards: Part 1

I decided right before the holidays that my PTO hours at work were sufficiently stuffed and that I could simply “take two weeks off” without even making a dent in it. Our PTO rolls over from year to year and I haven’t taken a significant vacation in quite a while. So, I did. I didn’t do ANYTHING. It was awesome. I got in some serious Daddy-Daughter time with my little one, watched some movies, cooked up a lot of BBQ, and generally just “stepped away” from the computer. Now we’re back and before things get wound up for Q1 projects, I figured I’d scan in some of the cards I picked up over the holidays. Having both a birthday and Christmas, I was able to put away a little bit of card money to save for the Houston card show in a couple weeks. The rest I blew on some random pick ups from ebay and a hobby box of Gypsy Queen.