Still Alive

If you feel like humming the Portal theme song right about now, be my guest, because I am indeed still alive. That was, without a doubt, the craziest weekend I’ve ever slept through. To recap, I came down with the flu two weeks ago (the 15th), spent all last weekend and most of last week sick and in bed. Thursday (22nd) I started to feel better and came into work. By Friday I was 200% worse than I had been. Severe chills, really bad cough. I thought it was just a relapse and was going to fight through it. Friday morning I started towards work, was coughing and sweating so bad that I decided to pull into an Emergency Clinic along the way. It was a good thing I did. They did a chest xray and some sinus swab test and I had pneumonia. They gave me two huge steroid injections, an antibiotic injection, a breathing treatment and a whole pile of prescriptions to go pick up. The last thing the clinic doctor told me was “it’s good that you came in, if it had gotten any worse you probably would have been checking into a hospital tonight.”

So, armed with all sorts of stuff, I went back home, took my insane super-cough medicine, and slept… until Sunday. My wife says she woke me up a couple times to take my antibiotics, but honestly, I don’t remember that at all. I’m still pretty out of it, but I’ve improved considerably. My cough is only a tickle and the rest of the flu symptoms seem to be going away. I’m on the antibiotics for at least another week to make sure it doesn’t come back, and I’ve got at least half a bottle of whatever crazy juice it was that knocked me out, so that’s good. I’m still pretty out of breath, but they said that would take a week or so to start feeling normal again. All the coughing and the fluid shrinks your lungs apparently.

So, yeah. I’ve got dozens of things to catch up on, so forgive me as I work through the backlog of posts.

Thank you all for the kind comments and emails, they’re really appreciated.


Being the traitorous bastard that my body apparently is, its decided that my lungs had a distinct lack of fluid in them. The result of which is that my flu, which was close to going away, just kicked into high gear and I have full blown pneumonia.

Fear not, I caught it right at the beginning and I’ve got a whole pile of medications and perscriptions for kicking its butt. I might be out of commission for a while, but I shall return.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Quick Update

I’ve got a metric ton of things to catch up on, especially at work, but I wanted to mention a couple things quickly.

First, I got quite a few things in the mail over the last week, including a completely epic package from Adam over at Thoughts and Sox, the results of my very first Sox for Sox trade. I haven’t gotten back to my scanner yet, but I wanted to preemptively thank Adam for the stuff he sent. It was incredibly generous and really helped me start to back-fill some of my missing early 2000’s stuff.

Second, this week I sent out an email to the members of my fantasy baseball league asking about participation this year. I have 3 yes votes (including myself), 2 no, and 3 non-responding. That means I have at least a couple of openings. It’s a very laid back league, 8 teams, close to default ESPN head-to-head scoring, no buy-in or cost. Just for fun. If you’re looking for a league, drop me a line. We haven’t drafted yet but we’re looking to do that shortly.

So sick

I’ve fallen off the grid for the past couple days because I’ve got one of the worst flues of my entire life. Friday night I was feeling just generally run down and after putting the kiddo to bed I laid on the couch to watch some TV. A couple hours later the wife asks if I’m ready to go to bed and put her hand on my head, I was burning up. My fever hit 103 on Friday night / Saturday morning and continued for most of the weekend. I got all the standard awesomeness that goes along with it. Fever, chills, body aches, cough, congestion, I was a festival of misery.

Monday I went to the doctor and he said it was too far past when it started for TamiFlu to do anything, and I’d just have to ride it out. Monday, Tuesday and today I’ve just been sleeping. I’ve still got most of my symptoms, minus the fever which thankfully seems to have broken.

The worst part of it was sequestering myself in the bedroom away from my wife and kid. There was no way I was going to let them catch this, so I tried to keep my distance. It’s been heart breaking to hear my girl on the other side of the door saying “Dada, dada!” and I can’t run and pick her up.

Anyway, I’m fighting this thing the best way I know how…

Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon.