I’ve got a metric ton of things to catch up on, especially at work, but I wanted to mention a couple things quickly.

First, I got quite a few things in the mail over the last week, including a completely epic package from Adam over at Thoughts and Sox, the results of my very first Sox for Sox trade. I haven’t gotten back to my scanner yet, but I wanted to preemptively thank Adam for the stuff he sent. It was incredibly generous and really helped me start to back-fill some of my missing early 2000’s stuff.

Second, this week I sent out an email to the members of my fantasy baseball league asking about participation this year. I have 3 yes votes (including myself), 2 no, and 3 non-responding. That means I have at least a couple of openings. It’s a very laid back league, 8 teams, close to default ESPN head-to-head scoring, no buy-in or cost. Just for fun. If you’re looking for a league, drop me a line. We haven’t drafted yet but we’re looking to do that shortly.