Mail Bag

It’s been a good day for receiving things from the United States Postal Service. I got a whole bunch of goodies today. For starters, I had sent away a couple weeks ago for “Fan Packs” from the Bruins and the Red Sox. They both showed up and they are both awesome. The Bruins pack has a couple big stickers, two car bumper stickers, some funky Zamboni shaped rubber bands and a small pack of 2010 Bruins hockey cards. The Red Sox pack had a picture of Jon Lester, a card for Wally the Green Monster, a Red Sox wrist band and a small packet of Fenway Park dirt, which is epic. (more…)

Case Break

Sam is planning on breaking an entire case of Upper Deck Artifacts in the very near future. I bought in for $30 and will be getting any Red Sox cards he pulls. There’s still a couple teams left if anyone is interested.

Athletics, Brewers, Cubs, Rays, Dodgers/Dbacks/Pirates, Giants, Mariners, Nationals/USA, Padres, Rockies, Tigers, and White Sox are all still up for grabs. I had considered getting the White Sox as well since there’s potentially several Carlton Fisk relics in the case, but they’re all from his Chicago years, and my wallet thought better of it. If you’re interested, check out his blog post about the break.

Good Start

So, I took a minute tonight to take stock of where I am with my budding baseball card collection. I’ve made some good progress and have managed to finish off a couple sets already. I created a new page, Cards, to chronical them all. I’ve got to scan some of my more interesting hits for posting and to update my “for trade” list. Anyway, if you happen to have anything on my list, leave a comment and let me know.

All Fixed

Fixed a couple compatibility issues and we’re all set again. Man, upgrading to WP 3.2 and dealing with all the TimThumb, jQuery issues is a huge pain. Luckily I had been working on exactly the same thing at work and knew right where to look to fix the problems. Anyway, should be go for now. Carry on.

Isn’t that lovely

Apparently, my theme isn’t compatible with the latest version of WP. Awesome. Ok… umm… here’s a new one. Pardon the dust. This may take a couple days…