Now I’m Sad

I checked my GameStop order today and it still said “pending” instead of “shipped”, so I decided to call them.

Apparently, they sold so many, they’re now on back order.

Good news is that they sold out of the “weathered” and beat up boxes, so I’m getting a brand new one from the next shipment from the manufacturer.

Bad news is that they won’t get more in until June 30th.

Good news is that I sounded pissed so they upgraded my shipping to “overnight”.

Bad news is, I still have to wait until the 30th for it.

So…. I still got it for a good price. But for $100 off, I’ll have to wait another 15 days.

I thought about canceling, but I let it go. It’s already paid for and it would take 15 days just to get a refund anyway. It’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything, just really disappointing. Now we won’t have anything to play this weekend at our already planned cookout. 🙁

Rock your face off

I’m not really sure when it happened, but apparently I’ve gone bat-shit insane. I’ve made multiple rather crazy purchases recently, for no reason other than they would give me personal satisfaction. The largest of these being Rock Band 2. I couldn’t resist the price RB2 was being offered at on GameStop’s website. They, according to the 100% fake story attached to the sale, came across extra inventory of Rock Band and Guitar Hero games in their warehouse and, being slightly aged from being in the afor-mentioned warehouse for so long, has decided to reduce the price to move the units. I have no earthly idea what condition the game will arrive in. It could be anything from “slightly faded box” to “OMG, someone drove the fork-lift off a cliff”. Either way, I have GameStop’s undying assurance that the contents of the box are in fact pristine and that it’s merely the outside that’s slightly “weathered”. We’ll see.

Either way, I only paid $94.99 for it, including free 3rd day shipping. So, there you go. The way I figure it, even if I only play it a handful of times with a “band” of friends, the way it’s meant to be played, I can at the very least play through it in Guitar Hero-ish mode just by myself. Or, I can actually attempt to learn the drums. I’m not holding out much hope. I’m rather rhythmically challenged.

Anyway, $95 for Rock Band 2, with the full bundle, sure isn’t a bad price. In case you’re feeling rather musical, I believe the sale is still going on. Edit, never mind, it’s apparently sold out.

So… who wants to rock their faces off!

E3 Impressions: Microsoft

No. I’m not at E3. I wish I was. Nope, just a guy watching all the press conferences and reading as much news as possible. I’m now post-live-blogging the Microsoft press conference. Post-live meaning that I’m watching it on my DVR after it’s happened. Here we go. Of course, to follow along, you should probably be watching it as well, or at least checking out clips of the afor-mentioned games. They should be everywhere by the time I post this.

Update: Just because I like you guys, I’ve gone back and tried to link to videos whenever possible.