I checked my GameStop order today and it still said “pending” instead of “shipped”, so I decided to call them.

Apparently, they sold so many, they’re now on back order.

Good news is that they sold out of the “weathered” and beat up boxes, so I’m getting a brand new one from the next shipment from the manufacturer.

Bad news is that they won’t get more in until June 30th.

Good news is that I sounded pissed so they upgraded my shipping to “overnight”.

Bad news is, I still have to wait until the 30th for it.

So…. I still got it for a good price. But for $100 off, I’ll have to wait another 15 days.

I thought about canceling, but I let it go. It’s already paid for and it would take 15 days just to get a refund anyway. It’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything, just really disappointing. Now we won’t have anything to play this weekend at our already planned cookout. 🙁