My eyes hurt

My eyes really hurt. Severe eye-strain fashion. My left eye is all red and I think I popped a blood vessel. It’s blurry, hard to focus, and it feels like I have a headache IN my eye. Like the eye itself is tired and sore, which is probably is. I’ve been over doing the computer at work and the video games at home and I need a break from both for a while. My boss is being kind and finding non-computer things for me to do. I think I’m going to try and see an Ophthalmologist on Monday. At the very least an Optometrist.

I think more than anything I need rest, away from any sort of screen, and sleep. I think that’s 98% of the problem. 🙁

Die Scraper Die

More scraped content from here is appearing on another site. It’s just such a joy to have to track down a host and write a C&D letter just because some toolbox decides to set up an “autopost” wordpress install. That’s why, starting now, I’m including a nice little message in my RSS feeds thanks to RSS Footer.

You can’t really stop these assholes from doing it, but at least my name and website (and little message) are plastered all over each entry. So, if they scrape them now, they get not one, but 3 links back here.

For those of you playing by the rules, all you’ll see in your RSS reader is a quick message before the normal content:

“Post from: If you’re reading this on any other site, you’re reading stolen content. Web scrapers suck.”

Die scraper die!

It’s alive!

The install/build went fine last night. I had a little trouble with the hard drives but other than that it was smooth sailing. The PSU swap went easier than I thought it would. Actually I think it worked out for the better. I had my doubts that I even needed a bigger power supply, my 500w should have been enough, but the new one I bought has 3 seperate 12v rails and much better cable sleeving than my previous unit. I was actually able to hide/flatten nearly all my cables around and behind things for a pretty clean look. I also picked up some extra long SATA cables for that very reason. Nothing is “hanging down” across the middle of the case, which is nice for a change. So, the PSU was easy, the DVD drive was easy. Even the video card was easy. When I got to the hard drives I had a little trouble and it was completely my own fault for not thinking about it. I left my primary (OS) drive and simply upgraded my storage drive. Problem was that I upgraded to an SATA storage drive, so it was on a completely seperate chain. The old IDE hard drive still had it’s jumper set to Master (if slave is present). I forgot about the “if slave is present” part and it took me about a half an hour before it dawned on me just to remove the damn jumper. After that she fired up like a champ.

The new video card more than tripled my AquaMark and 3DMark scores. I went from 34,000-something in AquaMark to an impressive 124,000. In 3DMark, which is probably a better indicator, I went from 1500 to 12,000. That’s a huge jump.

It’s a beast, it truely is. I’ve never owned a giant, double slot video card before, and this thing takes my breath away. I gave the CoD4 demo a try at 1600×1280, full settings, and it never dropped below 60fps. Now I’ve got to get my hands on a game or two to really give it a run for it’s money. That, and go back and play some older games at the resolutions they were meant to be played at. HL2 at 2048 x whatever it is.

Game Review: Guitar Hero 3

It seems long overdue to return to the roots of my web personality. It’s been a good long while since I’ve reviewed anything in full, or made fun of something for that matter. With a slew of new games for Christmas, now that I’ve put a good dent in most of them, it’s the perfect time to start up the sarcasm engine and take a ride into review town. Hold onto your mullets kids, first stop is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.


MGC Leaderboard

I updated my gamer card (on the right) with a “last game played” option as a background. As I was doing that I noticed that you could make your own customer leaderboard. I thought it might be fun and added everyone who’s in my XBL friends list. Together we’ve amassed over 14,000 achievement points. Way to go team!