What luck I have

I have what many would consider a negative aura when it comes tob my automobiles. My first car, the white Mazda was horribly mangled in a wreck. My next car, the yellow pick up, had a bad habit of parts falling off at the most inappropriate times. My Oldsmobile that follow decided that its A/C, power windows and catalitic converter had run their course… all in the same month. The Matrix was brand new, so all it could do to me is get flat tires.

My Mazda, my poor baby, in the past two weeks, has had its windshield smashed in and now today got another flat tire. That’s three in as many months. Thankfully I had the foresight last time to get the “road hazard” warrenty. This one is a freebie.

I’m sitting in discount tire right now actually. *sigh* what a wonderful Saturday.

I do ok from time to time…

Every Wednesday the guys from the Texas Combat Crew get together and drink. Heavily. Then, we play Battlefield 2, because that’s just what we do. Our “Drunken Wednesday Game Night” as it’s been cristend has attracted an attendence of histroic perportion. When you do a search on All-Seeing-Eye or Game-Monitor, not only does out BF2 CTF server come up, it comes up often as the highest ranked. The developers of the mod have taken such a fondness to our schenanegans that they reoutinly stop by, enjoy a view drinks vicariouly via TeamSpeak, and get their game on. You can see a few of them in that screen shot. Anyone with a “Dcon” tag is actually developing the game we’re all playing.

It feels really good to be a part of something this much fun. It’s a real great group of guys, who I enjoy playing with every time I do. Having a crew like ours is what video game clans should be about. Non of this competition pressure, no one getting angry over someone elses “skill”, no one having an attitude problem. Just a fun, friendly gaming experience. It could be that way since all but 2 of our members are over 25, most of us are married, have kids, steady jobs, and generally aren’t 14 year old smacktards just there to “pwn noobs”. We’re there to have fun.

We run a smacktard free server and I think that’s what everyone enjoys. So, cheers to the CTF mod, cheers to good gaming, and cheers to the guys of the Texas Combat Crew. See you Wednesdays.

-=TCC=-Doc – proud member of the TCC and profession spokes person for drunken gaming

PS: If you’d like to learn more about the TCC and our Wednesday night fun, please visit is at our website. Also, please know that you’ll need the game “Battlefield 2” by EA and the DCon CTF mod, available here.


I doubt heavily that’s actually a word.

Completely out of the blue, yesterday I had the urge to open up Steam. Now, I realize I’ve slacked by being the last person on the planet to try HL2:Ep1, but I planned on getting both Ep1 and Ep2 at the same time, mostly for its tasty Portal and Team Fortress goodness.

This sudden urge to play HL percipitated the systems launch. As it opened I couldn’t help but be impressed by the ease of Steam. I hadn’t played any of those games in 6-8 month and in less time than it took to warm up the oven for the pizza rolls I was about to enjoy, I was up and running. Seeing everything updated that quickly and easily made me realize just how long it had been since I played CS. Three (literally) mouse clicks later I was logging into a server.

At this point I really have to hand it to both Valve as well as the CS:S community as a whole. I had a very enjoyable experience, played on a smacktard free server running so very innovative mods and some great maps and I really had a good feeling thay what I was playing was fun.

When I began playing CS:S when it came out it really felt like a rehash. It was a game I was “done” with. The maps were the same maps from 8 years ago, and there were only a few of them. Last night I played at least 20 maps I had never heard of and really enjoyed each one.

So, after all this time, CS of all things, made me feel that computer games were really fun again. Ah the memories…