I have what many would consider a negative aura when it comes tob my automobiles. My first car, the white Mazda was horribly mangled in a wreck. My next car, the yellow pick up, had a bad habit of parts falling off at the most inappropriate times. My Oldsmobile that follow decided that its A/C, power windows and catalitic converter had run their course… all in the same month. The Matrix was brand new, so all it could do to me is get flat tires.

My Mazda, my poor baby, in the past two weeks, has had its windshield smashed in and now today got another flat tire. That’s three in as many months. Thankfully I had the foresight last time to get the “road hazard” warrenty. This one is a freebie.

I’m sitting in discount tire right now actually. *sigh* what a wonderful Saturday.