I doubt heavily that’s actually a word.

Completely out of the blue, yesterday I had the urge to open up Steam. Now, I realize I’ve slacked by being the last person on the planet to try HL2:Ep1, but I planned on getting both Ep1 and Ep2 at the same time, mostly for its tasty Portal and Team Fortress goodness.

This sudden urge to play HL percipitated the systems launch. As it opened I couldn’t help but be impressed by the ease of Steam. I hadn’t played any of those games in 6-8 month and in less time than it took to warm up the oven for the pizza rolls I was about to enjoy, I was up and running. Seeing everything updated that quickly and easily made me realize just how long it had been since I played CS. Three (literally) mouse clicks later I was logging into a server.

At this point I really have to hand it to both Valve as well as the CS:S community as a whole. I had a very enjoyable experience, played on a smacktard free server running so very innovative mods and some great maps and I really had a good feeling thay what I was playing was fun.

When I began playing CS:S when it came out it really felt like a rehash. It was a game I was “done” with. The maps were the same maps from 8 years ago, and there were only a few of them. Last night I played at least 20 maps I had never heard of and really enjoyed each one.

So, after all this time, CS of all things, made me feel that computer games were really fun again. Ah the memories…