More fun

Quick update of the “media” variety. I added 6 new pictures to Flickr, 4 of which are considered the “newest” and are thus on the Flickr thumbnails below. The pictures are from this years “Lindy Bowl”, a little fun swing dance party thrown by the Houston Swing Dance Society, of which Lauren and I are now card carrying members. Huzah for us. There’s lessons and dancing every Sunday and Sundays of the “Super” variety aren’t an exception. I think I’ve told you guys this before. I hate repeating myself. Anyways, there are some new pictures of Lindy Hop fun for all to see. I also shot a dozen or so videos with my new camera. They’re quite large (800×600, 30fps, SuperFine quality, uncompressed AVIs) so I’m not sure there is an easy way of sharring them. Anyone know a video Flickr? One that will let you upload 500+ megs of video.

Also, in anticipation of the next patch EA Games BROKE the stat system for Battlefield 2, so that 10,000 should be somewhere in the 10,400 range. At least, that’s the damage I laid down this afternoon. A few rounds of Karkland and Sharqi followed by some Special Forces action. Toss in a couple of gold stars, 100pt rounds and a medal or two and you’ve got my typical Monday.

That’s about it gang. Stay tuned for more fun page tweaks and other projects.

BF2 Sig

Last addition to the sidebar before I move onto the gallery. A quick little “mini-sig” is now directly about the blogroll links. I could probably make it even smaller, and I might try to later, but I think this works for now. It’s even linked to my BFS profile. Check it out.

One more

Kept on digging around the net and found that the maker of FAlbum had a forum that I didn’t see the first time. There’s about 400 threads devoted to my exact problem. Apparently I have to enable global use of the plugin and put it IN a page instead of having it generate the page itself (which is what it’s doing atm). If you make it an object on the page you can format it until the cows come home and it won’t effect the rest of your layout. If you let it generate the layout itself, it’s all over the place. Apparently I’m not alone in my problems. There’s even a thread for getting it to work with 99% of the common WP themes. How nifty.

Randombyte Forum

Another tweak

Just a quick update. Fixed the Digg RSS feed plugin, I messed up some of the php functions and it was mangled. I started over and reformatted that section with less crazy options and it seems to be working better. Also, I ditched the Flickr Badge infavor of FlickrRSS, which is basically the same exact thing only without the ugly Flickr logo and more styling options. Now they have boarders 🙂

Lastly, I’m having trouble setting up FAlbum just the way I want. It’s supposed to look like this:


But instead it looks like this:


I’m not sure quite what the formatting is, the install instructions are vague. I’m also not sure why it’s throwing the “sidebar” below everything and not off to the side like normal. I’ve got my Crew buddy KC taking a look at it and if anyone else has suggestions, please let me know.


A few changes

As you may notice, there are a few new additions to the sidebar this evening. Gone is the “recent links” RSS feed. It’s been replaced by the last 10 Diggs from my RSS feed. I very rarely updated that feed and it wasn’t very WP 2.0 friendly. I also browse on a hourly basis and I’m always digging something. This keeps things a bit more current. Also, I added a Flickr badge that “should” update when a new picture is added. It’s set for the last 5 images. I also added the Flickr Postbar and Flickr RSS plugins to WordPress so I can publish a post and add flickr images instantly. Poof, instant picture. I like that. I’m also going to do something with the “projects” page finally. I figure I’ll just add three things, my Flickr gallery via FAlbum, a link to my Deviant Art collection and a link to my BF2 profile with self updating stat-data.

I’m also trying to get a mini-sig image done that uses the system from I already have a sig there, but it’s completely customizable and I thought I might make a tiny one (say 150px square) and just have my name and global score on it, then slide it in the sidebar between the search box and the blog roll. I’ll letcha know if it works.