As you may notice, there are a few new additions to the sidebar this evening. Gone is the “recent links” RSS feed. It’s been replaced by the last 10 Diggs from my RSS feed. I very rarely updated that feed and it wasn’t very WP 2.0 friendly. I also browse on a hourly basis and I’m always digging something. This keeps things a bit more current. Also, I added a Flickr badge that “should” update when a new picture is added. It’s set for the last 5 images. I also added the Flickr Postbar and Flickr RSS plugins to WordPress so I can publish a post and add flickr images instantly. Poof, instant picture. I like that. I’m also going to do something with the “projects” page finally. I figure I’ll just add three things, my Flickr gallery via FAlbum, a link to my Deviant Art collection and a link to my BF2 profile with self updating stat-data.

I’m also trying to get a mini-sig image done that uses the system from I already have a sig there, but it’s completely customizable and I thought I might make a tiny one (say 150px square) and just have my name and global score on it, then slide it in the sidebar between the search box and the blog roll. I’ll letcha know if it works.