Just a quick update. Fixed the Digg RSS feed plugin, I messed up some of the php functions and it was mangled. I started over and reformatted that section with less crazy options and it seems to be working better. Also, I ditched the Flickr Badge infavor of FlickrRSS, which is basically the same exact thing only without the ugly Flickr logo and more styling options. Now they have boarders 🙂

Lastly, I’m having trouble setting up FAlbum just the way I want. It’s supposed to look like this:


But instead it looks like this:


I’m not sure quite what the formatting is, the install instructions are vague. I’m also not sure why it’s throwing the “sidebar” below everything and not off to the side like normal. I’ve got my Crew buddy KC taking a look at it and if anyone else has suggestions, please let me know.