New Slogan

This months slogan goes out to my brother-in-law Chris.

“John Meyer too extreme? Jack Johnson to edgy? Try Jason Mraz, the embodiement of male impotence.”

Couple of Things

Got a couple of fresh links for you over on the right there. Enjoy those.

Also, BF2 is buggy and lopsided like you wouldn’t believe. There’s this particular evil bug with the choppers that’s driving me bonkers. All another team with no skill has to do to win a game is pile 5 engineers (with the ability to repair vehicles) into a transport chopper. Since the “repair” effect works in a radius, the engineers repair their own chopper while in the air, thus making the chopper invincible. When a direct tank shell and 3 anti-air missles can’t bring a chopper down, there’s something wrong with the game mechanics. We’ve lost two matches already because that’s all the other team did. It’s a friggin exploit if you ask me.

Next, AveShell owns! It’s a modified version of LiteStep (which is pretty cool, I just couldn’t get it to play nice with my last system) with an Aero Shell built from KKMenu, AveDesk and SysStats. It’s very cool. Check it out here: Linky.

I also think I’ve solved the Crew’s T-shirt delema. We’ve been talking for months about opening a CafePress store. Only problem is that CafePress has ZERO customizable features and you can’t make any tshirts other than white. White is fine, but our logos would seriously look kick ass on black. Enter No minimums, completely custom shirt, variety of colors, high but reasonable prices. They also offer CafePress-ish online store capabilities. They also have something called the SpreadShirt Designer, which is pretty cool. They have a bunch of ready made logos, fonts, etc, that you can slap onto a tshirt to make your own custom shirt. Check it out. (Chris, check the “music” logo section, they’ve got headphones!).

Another cool thing happening this month, Lauren and I might be (read: probably will be) moving to a new apartment. We’ve found a nicer apartment layout/size wise down the road from our current place. It’s newer (just opened this year), the “extras” are nicer, and it’s about the same price. So, so long crappy ghetto apartment, hello stylish new apartment. That’ll probably be happening towards the end of this month.

Lastly, WE’RE COMING TO NH!!!!!
Yup, that’s right, we’ll be winging our way up to visit everybody NEXT WEEK. Thursday through Tuesday next week (4th-9th) we’ll be up in New England. The purpose of the trip is for my cousin Megan’s wedding on Saturday, but other than that we have no obligations other than hanging out and relaxing. I’d like to see everybody if your schedules permit. I know it’s kind of a last minute announcement. Let me know if you fellas are up for doing anything and we’ll see if we can get together. Savvy?

Alright, it’s quiting time. OUT!

Jean Threshold

After years of tedious clinical study, I’ve determined that impossible situations are at least bareable while wearing one’s favorte pair of jeans. Bluejeans it seems, are in fact the worlds most comfortable pants. A persons jeans are very important to them and there is a long “breaking in” period assocaited with them. Much like a baseball glove, the enjoyment increases with “millage”. Also, the quality of jeans plays an important factor. Like shoes, often times the more expensive pairs of jeans last a bit longer than your $10 Walmart specials. There is a “Jean Threshold” however. The price and the quality both increase along the appropriate curves. The peak occurs when a persons jeans become “trendy” instead of quality. Cheap jeans are anything under $20. Quality jeans will run you anywhere from $40-$70. Anything beyond $100 is considered trendy and, upon spotting a pair of trendy jeans you should go out of your way to point out to the owner that in fact your $40 jeans are more comfortable than their outrageously over priced pair. Explain the history and tradition behind the Levi Straus company and how they won the west. Or try explaining that, at the end of the day, you have money left over for coffee while they wallow in their non-caffinated duldrum and look silly in any pants that claim to make you a better person. Only the previously mention coffee has such powers. For those unfamiliar with the warning signs of trendy clothing, here’s what to look for… Keep an eye out for anything clothes that are ripped, torn, stained or bleached and the owner appears quite proud of it. Having shit smeared on your clothing is NOT something sane people aspire to. Also, be on the look out for jewels and stones in odd places. Outlining your crotch in gems may be trendy in France, but here it make you look like you’ve misplaced you helmet. At some point, having the labels still attached has also become popular. That, not only is rediculous, it also looks like you just stole them. If you’re going for the “bad boy/girl” look, having tags on your clothes doesn’t cut it. Replace tags with grenades and maybe I’ll respect your fashion sense. Maybe.

With regard to old jeans that have aquired stains and holes naturally, these rare clothing items need to be cherished and stories of their exploits need to be handed down in the oral traditions of our forefathers. I wear my photo chemical stained jeans with pride, however, for those “fancy dress” occasions, I’m breaking in a nice pair of Levis.

Someones dead

Better find the bodies bags or grab a shovel, cause when I find them, there’s going to be a few lifeless bodies that will need tending to. Some spineless prick sucking, mexican Yankees fan no doubt, decided it would be of amusement to scratch “suck” into my bumper across my Red Sox sticker. Fucking mouth breathing, inbred, red neck assholes, or maybe some mini-wang, ghetto thumping black ass raping cock pirate, or maybe, just maybe, some jelous no-sacked Yankee loving New York fuckbag. I really don’t care who it was, but by God, heads will roll and I’m going to start swinging for the fences. If I ever see someone LOOK at my car funny, I’m going to get up in their face. If you want to be part of Satans army and like the Yankees, that’s one thing, they have this insain asylum called NYC for you fuckers, but to touch another mans car. That’s low. I hope you burn asshole. Hell. 6th ring and hang a left.

Hockey is BACK!

NHL, NHLPA reach agreement in principle on new CBA

NEW YORK/TORONTO (July 13, 2005) – The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association have reached an agreement in principle on the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Details of the new Agreement will not be made available publicly pending the formal ratification process by the NHLPA Members and the NHL Board of Governors.

It is anticipated that the ratification process will be completed next week, at which time the parties will be prepared to discuss the details of the Agreement and plans for next season. No further comment will be made until then.

Woot. Pure, beautiful WOOT!