Better find the bodies bags or grab a shovel, cause when I find them, there’s going to be a few lifeless bodies that will need tending to. Some spineless prick sucking, mexican Yankees fan no doubt, decided it would be of amusement to scratch “suck” into my bumper across my Red Sox sticker. Fucking mouth breathing, inbred, red neck assholes, or maybe some mini-wang, ghetto thumping black ass raping cock pirate, or maybe, just maybe, some jelous no-sacked Yankee loving New York fuckbag. I really don’t care who it was, but by God, heads will roll and I’m going to start swinging for the fences. If I ever see someone LOOK at my car funny, I’m going to get up in their face. If you want to be part of Satans army and like the Yankees, that’s one thing, they have this insain asylum called NYC for you fuckers, but to touch another mans car. That’s low. I hope you burn asshole. Hell. 6th ring and hang a left.