Got a couple of fresh links for you over on the right there. Enjoy those.

Also, BF2 is buggy and lopsided like you wouldn’t believe. There’s this particular evil bug with the choppers that’s driving me bonkers. All another team with no skill has to do to win a game is pile 5 engineers (with the ability to repair vehicles) into a transport chopper. Since the “repair” effect works in a radius, the engineers repair their own chopper while in the air, thus making the chopper invincible. When a direct tank shell and 3 anti-air missles can’t bring a chopper down, there’s something wrong with the game mechanics. We’ve lost two matches already because that’s all the other team did. It’s a friggin exploit if you ask me.

Next, AveShell owns! It’s a modified version of LiteStep (which is pretty cool, I just couldn’t get it to play nice with my last system) with an Aero Shell built from KKMenu, AveDesk and SysStats. It’s very cool. Check it out here: Linky.

I also think I’ve solved the Crew’s T-shirt delema. We’ve been talking for months about opening a CafePress store. Only problem is that CafePress has ZERO customizable features and you can’t make any tshirts other than white. White is fine, but our logos would seriously look kick ass on black. Enter No minimums, completely custom shirt, variety of colors, high but reasonable prices. They also offer CafePress-ish online store capabilities. They also have something called the SpreadShirt Designer, which is pretty cool. They have a bunch of ready made logos, fonts, etc, that you can slap onto a tshirt to make your own custom shirt. Check it out. (Chris, check the “music” logo section, they’ve got headphones!).

Another cool thing happening this month, Lauren and I might be (read: probably will be) moving to a new apartment. We’ve found a nicer apartment layout/size wise down the road from our current place. It’s newer (just opened this year), the “extras” are nicer, and it’s about the same price. So, so long crappy ghetto apartment, hello stylish new apartment. That’ll probably be happening towards the end of this month.

Lastly, WE’RE COMING TO NH!!!!!
Yup, that’s right, we’ll be winging our way up to visit everybody NEXT WEEK. Thursday through Tuesday next week (4th-9th) we’ll be up in New England. The purpose of the trip is for my cousin Megan’s wedding on Saturday, but other than that we have no obligations other than hanging out and relaxing. I’d like to see everybody if your schedules permit. I know it’s kind of a last minute announcement. Let me know if you fellas are up for doing anything and we’ll see if we can get together. Savvy?

Alright, it’s quiting time. OUT!