Return of the King

This. Is. Unbelievable.

Guys, this is quite possibly the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s lived up to it’s hype. Valve has outdone themselves. This is simply one of the greatest leaps in gaming. Period.

The weirdest thing

I was checking my email this morning when the phone rang. I have a phone here in the computer room so I picked it up. There was a lady on the other end who sounded like a tele-marketer, only there was no “click” before she started talking and no sounds of other people in the background. What’s weird is that this is what she said:

Lady – Hello, I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m calling long distance and I’m trying to reach a friend, can you tell me if this is *insert Matt’s address*
Matt – Kind of, it’s the address for a whole complex of buildings.
Lady – Oh I see, well, her name is __________ and she’s in apartment ###, is that near you?
Matt – no
Lady – Could you possible get to that building from yours?
Matt – no
Lady – (obviously not hearing me) …Could you possibly take a message and leave it on her door for me?
Matt – I doubt it. There’s a main office here, try them, they could help you
Lady – Oh, whats the number?
Matt – I have no idea, it’s in the book.
Lady – (very tele-marketer-ish) Thanks *click*.

I don’t know what kind of information this lady was trying to pass on. Maybe she was trying to get information from ME. I don’t know. Either way I didn’t give her anything. Not my number, not my apartment number, nothing. She already knew the address, so she can look up the number to the office with that. “Can you go put a note on her door?” Fuck no. I’m not your lackey. And if you didn’t sound so incredibly sketchy on the phone MAYBE, after hearing the message, I would have considered helping you. But you acted weird, so you get nothing.

I probably over reacted, she was probably just someones friend, trying to reconnect after years and years… but there’s so many sketchy tele-marketing schemes out there that I just don’t feel like dealing with them. If you call my house and you’re selling ANYTHING, save yourself the call. If you call and ask for someone thats not me, I instantly loose interest and hang-up. If you call and it’s a recorded message, oh sweet jebus, you’d better believe that I’m going to wait until the message is over and I get connected to a real person so I can chew them out. AT&T has stopped calling because I’ve harassed those morons so much in the past. I hate telemarketers with a passion. If it’s you job to call people, find a different job, because after we tackle spam, you people are next. You’re all my enemy and you’re going down.

More of the same

It was a good weekend.

See great movie – Check!
Play old school video game and feel good about it – Check!
Get out of speeding ticket – Check!

Stand in line at midnight to get my hands on Halo 2. Hella Check! Gotta love it when the receipt says “Time of purchase 00:02”. Yeah baby. I already played through the first level. I’ll put a more serious dent in it tonight.

Which brings me to a question. Any XBox owner out there remember how to force Hi-Res textures? It was something like “hold every button and hit select” or something equally insane. I remember having to do it with Fable and it worked rather well. I also need to remember to display mode on my TV. I usually have it in “Cinema” to play games and watch movies (a darker mode with saturated color) and “Normal” to watch TV. I tired it on “Vivid” last night however and it looked sweet.

Also, big news for you desktop mod fans… oh wait, that’s just me. At any rate, Konfabulator is out for the PC. Its the “widget” program for OSX that every Windows program tries to be. Now we can all share 🙂

Check it out.

Matt out.


Lauren, Ashley and myself went to see The Incredibles last night. What a solid flick. Great movie. I can’t really see taking lots of little kids to see it though. Sure they’d be entertained by the “cartoon” aspect of it and the action of course, but most of the dialog, situations, and inside jokes are very adult oriented. I’ve also got to give a hearty huzzah to the director and writer for obviously being an old school comic book and movie fan. Anyone else catch the homage to the forest speeder bike chase from Jedi? Or how about getting Jason Lee to voice the bad guy? Talk about perfect casting. That movie was sweet and seeing as how we went at 10pm on a Sunday, the place was a ghost town AND we got in free, it made it all the better. If you haven’t already seen it, please do so. Your brain will thank you later.

Other than that I just took care of some errands this weekend. I got my Driving Safety Course slip notarized and dropped off at the court house. I’m now off the hook and don’t have that hanging over my head. I also stopped in at EB and made sure my Halo 2 preorder was good to go for the midnight madness sale tonight. I know, I know, as a former EB employee I usually frown on preorders. I always thought it was stupid and since there’s NEVER a “shortage” of video games around I always casually went the next day and picked up whatever video game was coming out at my own convenience, sans the long lines. I figured Halo 2 was different. I also preordered (and preloaded) HL2 in case you care. These two game will be contenders for game of the year on their respective platforms and I didn’t really feel like waiting for either of them. That and I’ve seen the elusive “French” version of Halo 2 loaded on to quite a few modded Xboxes. Its pretty spiffy is all I can tell you.

Thats about it. It’s pretty much been a relaxing sort of weekend. I’ve gotten in a few rounds of Counter-Strike and shook the dust off my spurs as it were. HL2, Halo 2, DoA: Ultimate, Pirates… yeah, it’s going to be a good month.